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Hassan Jawahery Becomes BaBar Spokesman
Dorfan Today: Getting it Straight
Fall Exercise Courses Announced
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Monday - October 2, 2006

Hassan Jawahery Becomes BaBar Spokesperson

Hassan Jawahery (left) takes over as BaBar Spokesman from David MacFarlane today.

Today is Hassan Jawahery's first day of work as the new spokesperson for BaBar. A professor at the University of Maryland College Park, Jawahery is not new to the collaboration. He served as physics coordinator in 2001-2002 and has been involved with BaBar since 1993. David MacFarlane, the former spokesperson, will move full-time to managing SLAC's Elementary Particle Physics program, a job he took on a year ago.

"I'm very excited about this position," said Jawahery. The BaBar spokesperson is in charge of overseeing the experiment, which brings together more than 600 physicists from 11 different countries. The spokesperson's role is all-encompassing and includes working very closely with other members of the BaBar senior management team, which coordinates the physics, computing and technical aspects of the experiment. The spokesperson also communicates the results of the project to supporters and the public. This is no small feat; to date, BaBar collaborators have published 244 papers.

Both Jawahery and MacFarlane are proud of BaBar's accomplishments. "BaBar and PEP-II have overcome significant challenges in the past two years, but have emerged with an impressive array of physics and bright future prospects," said MacFarlane. Jawahery agrees. "By continuing to work with the outstanding accelerator team, we expect even greater increases in luminosity over the next two years," he said. "BaBar results will be used as a benchmark for future studies of new physics likely to emerge from the Large Hadron Collider and may lead to evidence for effects of new physics."

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

Getting it Straight

(Photo - IWAA participants)
Participants of the 2006 International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment. (Click on image for larger version.)

Last week SLAC hosted the 9th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment (IWAA06). What struck me about this conference was the diversity of the attendees. Experts from all the world's particle physics, nuclear physics and photon science accelerator laboratories came together at SLAC to share their experiences and best practices.

SLAC's outstanding competence in geodetics, alignment and all other branches of metrology, is now more relevant than ever and is finding application to many branches of science other than accelerator-based facilities. The same expertise that built the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC) and the B-Factory accelerators and detectors now plays an essential role in every aspect of SLAC's diverse program. New concepts developed by the SLAC metrology staff continue to find relevance, not only at SLAC, but in a diversity of projects around the world.

The alignment of the main SPEAR3 ring, and the ongoing alignment of its newest beamlines, are recent examples where alignment challenges have been met with great success thanks to SLAC's geodesists and surveyors. This same group has developed new techniques and specialized equipment essential to achieving the very challenging performance specifications for our Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) while also providing key concepts for the straight line reference system for DESY's equivalent machine, the European X-ray Laser Project (XFEL). SLAC's alignment specialists are the leaders within the international partners devising alignment solutions for the roughly 40-kilometer long ILC.  Read more...

Fall Exercise Courses Announced

SLAC's Medical Department offers a wide variety of wellness courses each quarter.  Classes are just starting for the fall, so check out the Wellness Class Calendar on the Medical website and find a class that's right for you.

Classes include stress counseling, smoking cessation, blood pressure readings, on-site massage, on-site exercise classes, and sports activities (gym, soccer, volleyball and more).

Many exercise classes are authorized for Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) funds and are therefore free to SLAC employees with supervisor approval.

STAP-funded classes include:
- Back Cross Training: a class that
  emphasizes good aerobic
  posture and exercises for the
- Pilates: a method of conditioning
  and strengthening the body that
  is especially good for helping
  lower back pain.
- Yoga: a class that promotes
  strength and flexibility, releases
  stress and tension, improves
  circulation, balance,
  concentration and clarity of
  mind. To use STAP funds, you
  must take a 1-hour relaxation
  class along with yoga.

The Wellness Program also offers non-STAP classes, for which students pay the instructors directly (details on the website). These classes include aerobics and cross training.

For more information, please contact Larisa Petrison

Safety Firsts

Santayana is famously quoted for writing, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Why is this statement insufficient?

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