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Power outages to the Research Yard and SSRL

Much needed preventive maintenance will be performed on the electrical equipment in the Research Area Substation that will cause widespread outages for the facilities in the Research Yard and at SSRL. Generators have been ordered for SSRL's critical facilities and several other critical locations in the Research Yard. If your building is on the list below and you or your equipment can't sustain the outage duration shown, please contact Fred Jones at x2036 or Karen Chan-Hui at x2817. Thank you.

RA Power outage schedule:

12:01 PM on September 15th through 3:30 PM on September 17th
SSRL and Research Yard Buildings:
B086, B103, B116, B117, B118, B119, B120, B122, B131, B132, B137, B140, B219, B221, B226, B271, B288, B289, B290, B293, B294, B414, B437, B451, B452, B453 and B514

12:01 PM on September 15th through 3:30 PM on September 20th
Research Yard Buildings:
B004, B008, B060, B061, B062, B104, B107, B113, B115, B121, B124, B127, B128, B135, B209, B211, B215, B217, B222, B223, B224, B225, B231, B233, B237, B312, B403, B413, B415, B420, B421, B425, B433, B443 and Sub501 and Sub511

September 6th through October 1st
Research Yard Buildings:
CT404, B406 and B407

September 6th through October 24th
Research Yard Buildings:
B406 and B408