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SLAC Kids Day 2008
Suspect and Counterfeit Items
FOLA Donates Six Picnic Tables to SLAC

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Monday - July 7, 2008

SLAC Kids Day 2008

(Photo - Kids Day 2007)
Kids Day 2007

Registration opens today for the 2008 SLAC Take Your Kids to Work Day! Each year, SLAC hosts nearly 250 children for this annual event, which is open to kids 9–16 years of age who are sponsored by a member of the SLAC community.

This year's event will take place on Friday, August 15th. The day of the event, the kids will attend numerous workshops organized by SLAC staff; the workshops are age specific and involve small projects that illustrate science, engineering and physics principles. Attendees will also hear science talks by SLAC physicists. Registered kids will receive T-shirts, lunch, goodie bags and an afternoon ice cream break.

Nearly 50 SLAC staff members volunteer their time to make this day a success for SLAC and the kids. Kids Day is organized by a small committee, but the day of the event, many SLAC staff generously give their time. With so many kids on site, it takes a lot of volunteers to make it all work. Workshop leaders, escorts, registration workers and more are needed again this year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Michelle Steger at x3011.

Full information about the day and the registration form are available on the Kids Day website. In addition, hard copies of the registration form will be distributed to mail stops this week. We are looking forward to another successful Kids Day. See you all on August 15th!

Suspect and Counterfeit Items

Suspect bolts

The American market has seen a massive influx of counterfeit items over the past 20 years. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities have not been exempt from the introduction of counterfeit items into the supply chain and eventual installation in facilities and systems. Some manufacturers and suppliers use inferior materials and processes to create substandard items whose properties can vary significantly from established standards and specifications. In addition, suspect/counterfeit items (S/CIs) often represent significant safety hazards. To ensure that S/CIs don’t make their way onto the SLAC site, a S/CI prevention program has been developed. The program, which also meets the DOE contractual requirements for SLAC, is summarized on the Office of Assurance website.

Surveys and studies have been performed by various industries in an attempt to understand this problem. The reports clearly identify the current problems and generally recommend that training programs be developed for procurement individuals as well as individuals who are most likely to be exposed to potential S/CIs. To this end, the Office of Assurance is now offering training upon request to interested senior management, engineering, operations, craft, procurement, stores inventory and quality assurance/inspection personnel to provide awareness and prevention information. This training will also offer detection knowledge regarding counterfeit, bogus and unapproved equipment parts and components, including many physical examples of items that have been confiscated at other DOE facilities. Preventing the introduction of S/CIs into our work environment is our number-one goal; identifying these items so that they can be taken out of service is everyone’s responsibility.

To request a training session for your group or to participate on your own, please contact Ruth McDunn at x2014. The Office of Assurance will conduct as many sessions as are needed.

FOLA Donates Six Picnic Tables to SLAC

(Photo - FOLA picnic tables)
Volunteers who help run FOLA and who constructed the picnic tables in their off-hours gathered around one of the newly-placed tables last week. (Click on image for larger version.)

Thanks to the Friends of the Linear Accelerator (FOLA), SLACers now have a few more places to unwind. Last week, volunteers placed six new picnic tables around the site: three in Panofsky Grove, one on the hill behind the Guest House, one outside the shops area and one in front of Building 28.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all SLAC logo items are held by FOLA, and these funds are given back to SLAC staff in ways that make the workplace more enjoyable and improve morale. Several years ago, proceeds were used to purchase the large glass case that displays SLAC logo items in the Panofsky Auditorium Breezeway.

"For every SLAC T-shirt, sweatshirt or mug we sell at the Stanford Guest House, FOLA makes about a dollar or so," said Doug Kreitz, who volunteers his off-hours to managing the production and sales of SLAC logo items. "So every time you buy a SLAC logo item, you contribute back to the SLAC community."

"I would like to offer my personal thanks to the many other volunteers who, when a new shipment of logo items arrives, help fold and price the items. I also want to thank those who volunteered on their lunch hours and in their free time to construct the picnic tables and place them in their new locations around the site," Kreitz added. "These tables are really a gift from SLAC staff to SLAC staff—and that's exactly how it's supposed to work!"


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