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Karen Fant to Become Acting Associate Laboratory Director for ETS
People Today: Carl Rago Has More than Just a Job
Property Control Honor Roll
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Wednesday - November 19, 2008

(Photo - Karen Fant)
Karen Fant has been named acting associate laboratory director for Engineering and Technical Support. (Photo by Kelen Tuttle.
Click for larger image.)

Karen Fant to Become Acting Associate Laboratory Director for ETS

Department Head for Mechanical Fabrication Karen Fant has been named the acting associate laboratory director for Engineering and Technical Support, effective January 1, 2009. Fant takes over from Lowell Klaisner, who has served in that role since 2007.

"With her strong leadership skills, Karen has much to offer ETS," said laboratory Director Persis Drell. "Over the next six months, I will work with Karen and the other ALDs to review how to best organize the Engineering and Technical Support Directorate, and determine where to go from here."

Fant, currently the head of the Mechanical Fabrication Department, has worked at the laboratory for nearly 25 years. "I'm looking forward to retaining my current role while also working closely with Engineering and Technical Support," she said. "Lowell has been my mentor and supporter ever since he hired me as department head in 2001, so it is a pleasure to follow in his footsteps."

Klaisner will stay on at the laboratory full-time until April to support Fant and Operations Director Sandy Merola. After April, he plans to begin transitioning into retirement.

"I would like to thank everyone in ETS for all their hard work over the past year," said Klaisner. "Karen is an excellent leader, and I know she will serve you well."

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Carl Rago Has More than Just a Job

Rago frames himself for diagnosis at the 2006 Dogs and Diagnosis barbeque. (Photo courtesy of Carl Rago. Click for larger image.)

In 1997, Carl Rago and a few of his fellow SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory employees constructed a 9-foot-tall paper-maché Godzilla, rigged with two fire extinguishers shooting out its nose, and secured it on top of a small electric car. The group constructed the deranged float in conjunction with the Sand Hill Race—a soap box derby hosted just outside SLAC by a local business. Godzilla never raced with the other cars, but the monster made quite a splash at SLAC before making its way to someone's front lawn for Halloween.

This is just one reason Carl Rago says working at SLAC is more than just a job.

"It's a family experience," Rago says. Photographs of friends and coworkers cover his office walls, immortalizing stunts like the giant Godzilla. One photo shows Rago putting a unique twist on his regular appearance as Santa for the MFD Christmas party. Wearing an airtight biohazard suit, he appeared as "Bio Hazard Santa."  Read more...

Property Control Honor Roll

Property inventory results for fiscal year 2008 were reported to the Department of Energy last month. Overall, the property custodians did a good job of accounting for their assigned property, though the Property Control Office list of honorees shrank this year. We think there is room for improvement.

The majority of sensitive items not located were computer-related. Please remember, anytime you transfer any bar-coded property to another custodian or location, you must let the SLAC Property Control Office know. This will help keep our database accurate and help in the search phase of the inventory. Please use the Business Information Systems online transfer form

Twenty-three departments had a 100% find rate for their accountable property. These departments will receive a certificate commending this accomplishment and naming them to the FY 2008 Property Control Honor Roll.

Please direct any questions about property control to Property Control Manager Leslie Normandin (x4350).

SLAC Today Survey:
One Week Remaining

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Everyone on the SLAC Today e‑mail list should have received a message from Communications Director Rob Brown on November 13, with a link to the brief survey. (Results are anonymized.) If you didn't receive yours, please contact SLAC Today by e-mail or phone (x8946).

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