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SLAC Names New Chief Operating Officer
Safety Today: New Control of Hazardous Energy Procedure
Globies: Have You Nominated That Special Person Yet?

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Tuesday - May 27, 2008

(Photo - Sandy Merola)
Sandy Merola

SLAC Names New Chief Operating Officer

Alexander "Sandy" Merola has been named SLAC's Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for Operations, effective June 4. He will replace Stan Cohelan, who has served as Acting COO since last September.

"I am delighted to have Sandy joining the senior management at the lab," said Persis Drell. "He brings great breadth of experience in management and leadership roles. I am looking forward to working with him."

After serving in the United States Air Force as a member of a Functional Check Flight Crew for Airborne Computers, Merola began his national laboratory career in 1973 as a technician providing computer and networking support for physicists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). In this capacity, he helped design simulation and control systems using some of the first production integrated circuits.  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

New Control of Hazardous Energy Procedure

A recent assessment of SLAC’s Control of Hazardous Energy (CoHE) Program (frequently referred to as "lock-out/tag-out") by the Office of Assurance found, among other things, that there are still personnel who lack a complete understanding of the hazards of equipment they service or maintain and that group lockout requirements are not always well understood.

SLAC is responding to these concerns because we recognize that the protection of our workers from injury due to the unexpected release of hazardous energy is of paramount importance. In addition, requirements for control of hazardous energy are specified in several different regulations, and understanding how they apply to a complex facility like SLAC can be challenging.

To help address these concerns, a working group called the Control of Hazardous Energy Action Team (CoHEAT) is seeking to address deficiencies that exist in our hazardous energy control program ("lock-out/tag-out"). This team has developed a new process and procedure that will now be used to reduce the likelihood of accidents due to the unexpected release of hazardous energy—whether electrical or non-electrical (e.g. pressure, mechanical, chemical, and so on). The CoHEAT will also be working to update our Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Manual and related electrical safety courses to include these new requirements.  Read more...

Globies: Have You Nominated That Special Person Yet?

The 2008 SLAC Employee Recognition Awards ("Globies") remain open for nominations through Friday, May 30. You have four days left to nominate the people you appreciate and to tell them, "thank you for being you!"

Globies are about people promoting a positive, respectful and harmonious work environment. They're about good citizenship and making everyone enjoy being at SLAC. The online form lists several different examples of how people make our lives better at SLAC, including working cooperatively, volunteering and pitching in to help. When nominating somebody, please keep in mind that the awards are not about how well a person does his or her job—it's what he or she does beyond that job.

You're the only one who knows the little things these people do that help make your day brighter and easier. Your nomination will let everybody else know it too. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the form, and provide several examples. Help the people who help you by nominating them for a Globie Award.

Nominations can be submitted online or using a hardcopy form sent to MS 11. You may nominate up to three people (please submit separate forms for each person nominated).


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