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Dale Knutson Named Acting Associate Lab Director for LCLS
Safety Today: Let's Talk About Stroke
symmetry: An Extraordinary Eye for the Everyday

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Tuesday - April 8, 2008

Dale Knutson Named Acting Associate Lab Director for the LCLS

SLAC's Acting ALD for the LCLS, Dale Knutson. (Click image for larger version.)

SLAC welcomes its newest Associate Lab Director (ALD), Dale Knutson, who is now SLAC's Acting ALD for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). Knutson will oversee the strategy and integration of the various components associated with the LCLS, while John Galayda will continue to direct the LCLS construction activity. SLAC Director Persis Drell introduced Knutson during an LCLS all-hands meeting yesterday.

"Dale comes to us with over 20 years of experience of line, project and program management at a diverse mixture of facilities," said Drell. "We are really delighted to have him at SLAC in what is going to be a very busy and exciting time."

Knutson comes to SLAC from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he spent the last two years overseeing the Capability Replacement Laboratory, which helped design updated replacement facilities for aging nuclear laboratories. Knutson also brings nearly two decades of engineering and project management experience to SLAC. Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Let's Talk About Stroke

This afternoon, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m., Palo Alto resident Bob Parsons will present "Let's Talk About Stroke" in Panofsky Auditorium. All are invited to attend.

Several years ago, Parsons awoke from a nap onboard a flight from Taiwan feeling dazed. It wasn't until days later that he learned that his blurry vision and confusion were due to a stroke caused by an aneurysm in his heart. Since then, Parsons has volunteered for the Peninsula Stroke Association in Palo Alto and the Stanford Stroke Center, educating people all around the Bay Area.

In this afternoon's lecture, Parsons will describe what it feels like to have a stroke, discuss how to recognize the symptoms in yourself and others, and explain how to respond to this life-threatening event. He will also present where to go for treatment, will describe the different types of treatments available, and will offer tips on how to reduce the risk of stroke.

If you are young and might not attend because stroke "strikes only senior citizens," then come to learn the truth about this misconception, or come for your family or friends.

An Extraordinary Eye for the Everyday

Satoru Yoshioka's photo of what he calls "the ordinary life of SLAC.”

The two facets of Satoru Yoshioka's work could not be more distinct.

His black-and-white Polaroid photographs have been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Europe. They range from distorted, enigmatic images of people to wall-sized projections of Nagasaki's Fountain of Peace and the war-strafed streets of Sarajevo, both part of an 2001 art project at The Museum of Art in Kochi, Japan, his home town. "I wanted to express a sense of never-ending time with never-ending human tragedies in this work," he wrote on his Web site.

Meanwhile, Yoshioka has been traveling the world taking pictures of high-energy physics labs-inside and out, in daylight and in the spooky glow of artificial lighting at night. People rarely appear in these photos, which instead focus on equipment, everyday work areas, streets, landscapes, and buildings.

"I want to use photography to do art. That's the way I started, actually," says Yoshioka, an ebullient man who will sometimes spend hours getting a photo just right. "That's still the focus, but it's changing a little bit."

Read more in symmetry...


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