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SAFE '07 Success Story: Beamline 12
Chris Barnes Networks as a Tour Guide
SLAC Welcomes New Employees
Safety Seconds

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Tuesday - June 12, 2007

SAFE '07 Success Story: Beamline 12

Last March, a new beam line opened at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL), thanks to three years of work by the Beam Line Development Group and about 50 designers, technicians, physicists, electricians and construction workers. It was a complex task that was completed without incident due to a strong culture of safety.

"There were many factors to consider in this project, including extreme technical demands, precision work, and tight space and schedule constraints," said Beam Line Development Group Engineering Physicist Dan Harrington. "But for us, above all was safety. We were successful because we planned and orchestrated each step carefully, with each person working on the project dedicated to safety."

The first phase of the project was designing the beam line in such a way that the containment shielding would keep x-rays only where they are wanted, protecting users and staff from accidental exposure. "Every step of the design process included thinking about it from a radiation safety perspective," said Harrington. Throughout the process, the Beam Line Development Group used guidelines developed in concert with the Radiation Physics Group and the Earthquake Safety Committee to ensure that the design maximized safety.  Read more...

Chris Barnes Networks as a Tour Guide

(Photo - Chris Barnes)
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Chris Barnes has found an unsuspected benefit to being a SLAC tour guide: it strengthens your professional network.

"During the four years I have been working as a tour guide, I've led about 4,000 visitors around the site," Barnes says. "So I ended up meeting a lot of people!"

Barnes, who recently finished his PhD and is currently looking for a job in the solar industry, says he has made a couple of professional contacts among the people he's escorted. He has also gotten to know many SLAC employees during his tours. "I like the opportunity it's given me to get connected to the people at SLAC," he says.

Barnes, who has conducted his doctoral research at the advanced accelerators R&D (AARD), says his favorite visitors are kids. "The most interesting questions come from relatively young children," he says. He likes to take the kids to the visitor center, where they can explore the exhibited hardware.

Interested in leading SLAC tours? Contact tour coordinator Maura Chatwell.

SLAC Welcomes
New Employees

(Photo - New employees)
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SLAC welcomed eight new employees at orientation last week. From left to right, they are: Darryl Murray, Stephen Hauptman, Scott Staehle, Rashmi Pendse, Arash Alavi, Gerardo Lorenzo, Robin Christenson, and Avelino Bayugo.

DOE Review Committee Visits SLAC

(Photo - DOE Review Committee)

Yesterday, 13 consultants and observers connected to the Department of Energy annual review toured SLAC. Over 60 presentations on the particle physics and the particle astrophysics programs at the lab will be given during this review, which continues through Thursday.

Safety Seconds

"Situational awareness" is the aviation term for knowledge of your surroundings, and loss of situational awareness as concentration is diverted is the cause of many accidents and crashes. The Navy regards this as such a threat that they are now soliciting input for a suit that will press on different areas of a pilot's skin to signal what is going on.

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