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Stanford Robot Racer to Visit SLAC
Safety Today: Safe Driving Tips
Symmetry Magazine Wins Design Awards
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Tuesday - November 21, 2006

Driverless car "Stanley" won the 2006 DARPA Grand Challenge through the Mojave Desert.

Stanford Robot Racer to Visit SLAC

Last year, Stanley dodged cacti, bushes and rocks to win a 132-mile car race across the Mojave Desert in under seven hours. That may seem like a long time, but Stanley is no ordinary driver—he's a robot, watching the road with a combination of RADAR, cameras and lasers.

On December 2, join area high school students to hear Stanford engineer Mike Montemerlo explain how the team got Stanley in racing shape and went on to win the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Montemerlo will explain what it is like to design a driverless car and be an engineer. Even though some robotics projects seem like they're just for kicks, "that's what I do," Montemerlo said. "I create really cool robots for a living." He will also discuss Stanford's preparations for next year's race, which will take place on mock city streets.  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Safe Driving Tips

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means this weekend will be one of the busiest on the nation's roads and highways. The more people there are on the road, the more likely collisions are to occur.

Here are just a few ways to stay safe on the road:

- Use a seat belt at all times—
  driver and passengers.
- Be well-rested before driving.
- Avoid distractions, such as
  adjusting the radio or other
  controls, eating or drinking,
  and talking on the phone.
- Keep your cool in traffic!

Additional tips can be found in OSHA's Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes and in the Safe Driving Practices for Employees QuickCard. Visit OSHA's website for more information.

Symmetry Magazine
Wins Design Awards

(Photo - Symmetry award)
Symmetry magazine has been selected as a winner in the 2006 American Graphic Design Awards by a nationwide panel of judges.

This competition, currently in its 44th year, is among the most prestigious and selective of all such events, with only 10% of thousands of entries honored in 2006.

Symmetry won awards for outstanding series (May, August, September and October 2005) and outstanding single issue (February 2006). Congratulations team symmetry!

Safety Seconds

In yesterday's edition, I asked you to consider what SLAC's injury rate goal means for an individual. If we are to meet our goals, one person cannot have an injury until they have worked for more than 100 years at SLAC—so basically we have to act as if we are never "allowed" to have an injury.

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