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SLUO Election Results
Alpine Gate Open
Around SLAC: Winter Fog

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Monday - January 5, 2009

SLUO Election Results

The SLAC Users Organization election, completed before the holidays, brings in six new members to the 12-person SLUO Executive Committee. A total of 203 ballots were returned within the election period of November 11 to December 5. The top four candidates were elected to 3-year terms to the council; the fifth and sixth place candidates received available 2- and 1-year positions, respectively.

The new committee members elected to 3-year terms are David Brown of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Seth Digel of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, William Lockman of the University of California Santa Cruz and Julie McEnery of NASA Goddard Flight Center. Elected for 2- and 1-year terms, respectively, are Henry Band from the University of Wisconsin and Uli Wienands of SLAC.

The SLUO Executive Committee comprises 12 users and SLAC collaborators, who are nominated by institutional representatives at the SLUO Annual Meeting and voted on by the full SLUO membership.

The SLUO Executive Committee will meet with its new members on January 14th to prepare for 2009 activities. All SLUO members are invited to send ASAP their comments and proposals for a more efficient and visible SLUO activity. For more information about SLUO, see the SLUO Web site.

Alpine Gate Open

As announced late last year, SLAC's Alpine Gate has reopened to commute-hour traffic. The gate will be open 6:00–10:00 a.m. and 3:00–6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, for all lab personnel with a current SLAC badge. Construction subcontractors, visitors and staff without a badge will still need to check in at the Sand Hill Gate. If you have any questions, please contact Security (x2551).

(Photo - The SLAC Green on a foggy day)

Around SLAC:
Winter Fog

A thick winter fog engulfed the SLAC main lawn several mornings in late 2008.

(Click for larger image.)

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