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LCLS Laser Heater Installed
Safety Today: Local Safety Committees
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Tuesday - December 2, 2008

The installation team fit optic tubing and the series of mirrors into this tight space in only 10 days. (Photo by Alan Miahnahri. Click for larger image.)

LCLS Laser Heater Installed

As the leaves change and temperatures drop, it's time to turn the heat on—even for the electron beam at the Linac Coherent Light Source. Thanks to some last-minute hard work, the LCLS laser group installed a laser heater for the stream of electrons that will power the X-ray laser. This device will stabilize the electron beam before it is shot into the linear accelerator.

"It's a big step," said William White, the laser group leader. He describes the entire team's efforts as heroic for getting the project done on time under tight conditions.

The heater, installed at the beginning of the electrons' long journey, will solve the problem of electrons bunching before they are injected into the linac. "We'd always planned on the laser heater, but we've actually seen more evidence during the commissioning that it's even more important," White said.  Read more...

Note: SLAC staff can see the LCLS in person next Thursday. Use the red button below-right to register.

(Column - Safety Today)

Local Safety Committees

Did you know you have a Local Safety Committee looking out for your welfare? The committee includes three union members and three representatives of lab management. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month to promote safety at the lab.

Current members include John Blomdal (Facilities Operations), Scot Johnson (Facilities Support), Jim Dayton (Environment, Safety and Health), Marty O’Donoghue (Facilities), Michael Scharfenstein (Linac Coherent Light Source) and Barry Webb (Human Resources). Human Resources Director Larry Young is the committee administrator. Carmella Huser and Lauren Barbieri, both of Human Resources, complete the group.

Lab employees and management are encouraged to bring both safety concerns and successes to the committee's attention. Concerns may be submitted anonymously to any committee member. Concerns will be discussed at the monthly meeting and assigned to the relevant committee person, who will report on progress or resolution at the following month's meeting. Meeting minutes track issues and to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Should any safety problem arise, the committee can access necessary resources at the lab to address them, and also to share safety success stories. The committee has proven to be a great way to address safety concerns and successes in a forum where results are the most important product.

Library eBooks Bring Tech to You

The SLAC Library now has excellent coverage of computer e-books. Books24x7 and Safari Tech Books offer a wide variety of electronic books on software and computer technology.

We now have access to the entire Safari Books Online collection of technical books, which includes the very popular O'Reilly titles. Please be aware that there is a limit of seven simultaneous users.

Books 24x7 has books across disciplines in desktop and office applications, databases, Oracle, programming, Web programming and development, and more. There are now no simultaneous user limits for Books24x7.

The Books 24x7 IT Pro Collection provides e-books in information technology, including how-to books on popular computer programs. But there are also titles you might not expect to find, such as A Complaint is a Gift: Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go Wrong and The Principles of Project Management.

The link to Safari Books Online and Books24x7 can be found on the SLAC Library home page under Quick Links, E-Books and E-Resources in the left column. The library also has a license for the Knovel e-books collection, which contains engineering and scientific online references, including the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

You may be asked for your Stanford SUNet ID when trying to access Books 24x7. Most SLAC community members are eligible for a SUNet ID. To get one, or to find out more, go to the SUNet ID home page.


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