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Turner Construction Hands Off LCLS Site
Safety Today: A SUNet ID Takes You Places
Symmetry Online
New IR12 Recycling Policy
"The Atom Smashers" Airs on PBS Tonight

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Tuesday - November 25, 2008

Turner Construction Hands Off LCLS Site

Facilities staff members and Facilities Department Head Liam Robinson (back left) talk with Uli Wienands of LCLS (right) about the upcoming handover. (Photo by Calla Cofield. Click for larger image.)

On November 17, Turner Construction achieved "Substantial Completion" of civil construction on the Linac Coherent Light Source site; Turner has finished up all major field construction, and is beginning review of their written plans for the new buildings with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory staff. With this achievement, the group is handing over management of the facilities to SLAC.

"The handover is a major accomplishment," said LCLS Deputy Director Mark Reichanadter. "[It] allows us to stay on schedule for completing the installation of electron beam technical hardware in December. Final checkout and an external review are scheduled next, and then we should be ready for e-beam commissioning. This is a very exciting time at SLAC."

For almost 28 months, Turner has been in charge of constructing and maintaining 13 new buildings for the LCLS, including the excavation of 180,000 cubic yards of soil to build its underground X-ray tunnel. Turner also installed electrical and cooling systems for the buildings. During construction, Turner documented in blueprints, building plans and user manuals the detailed inner workings of each building. Now, they must review these plans and manuals with SLAC to ensure their accuracy. Turner expects to submit final plans in about three months.  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Takes You Places

A Stanford University Network ID, or SUNet ID, identifies you as a member of the Stanford community. This three- to eight-character ID gives you access to Stanford computing resources and services. Never heard of a SUNet ID? Chances are, you already have one.

It appears in your Stanford e-mail address:

If you have a Stanford Web page, it appears in the URL:

Your SUNet ID serves as your login ID in many of Stanford's online systems. For example, you will need a SUNet ID to download free virus protection software for your home computer. It gives you online access to some areas of the Stanford Bookstore Web site.

Your SUNet ID will be with you throughout your affiliation with Stanford. Students who graduate from Stanford, then return later as an employee, retain the same SUNet ID.

If you don't yet have a SUNet ID, you can apply for one online using your Stanford ID number (from your Stanford staff or student ID card), or another form of ID with sponsorship by a Stanford faculty or staff member. See the SUNet ID Web page for more details.

Symmetry Online

Featuring stories of BaBar (the elephant and the detector), discussions of dark matter and energy, and an exclusive interview with the elusive ηb particle, the November 2008 issue of Symmetry magazine is now online.

New IR12
Recycling Policy

Please note that there is a new procedure in place for PEP Interaction Region 12 recycling. This area is primarily for use of the Facilities Department. Others requesting entrance must call the Facilities Service Desk (x8901) for through-gate access. Service Desk hours are 6:45 a.m.–4:00 p.m. The Service Desk administrator will keep a log noting who enters the area, including name, date, time and what is being recycled.

If you need to drop off a large amount, an account number will be necessary. Please be sure to have an active account number available. Please note that this area must remain locked at all times.

"The Atom Smashers" Airs on PBS Tonight

"The Atom Smashers," a documentary on Fermilab's race to find the Higgs boson and other physics beyond the Standard Model, will air tonight on the Public Broadcasting System show "Independent Lens." View more information on the PBS Independent Lens Web site. Check your TV provider listings or TV Guide for show times available to you.

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