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From the Operations Director: Kudos on Successful SII Launch
Reminder: Stanford Benefits Open Enrollment Ends Today
Ed Garwin Passes Away
AlertSU Emergency Mass Notification Test Today
Word of the Week
LCLS Hardware Update

SLAC Today

Friday - November 14, 2008

(Photo - Alexander Merola)

From the Operations Director:
Kudos on Successful SII Launch

About a year ago, a number of critical projects were initiated as part of the SLAC Improvement Initiative, under the very capable leadership of its manager, Elizabeth Caplun. These projects have now been rolled-out into the line organizations responsible for providing new or improved services. This past Tuesday, the Operations Division celebrated this successful transition at a luncheon of SII participants. The celebration marked a major milestone in our efforts to improve SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory's infrastructure and services in support of our scientific mission.

The SII has provided us with a methodology of business planning to ensure that our indirect offerings are aligned with the SLAC Agenda and scientific priorities. As a result of another SII effort in requirements management, we are now able to ensure that our service and infrastructure offerings are conducted within Department of Energy and Stanford requirements. A project called Command Media, still in its early stages, will provide consistent and easy access to our future online services; the next step is to choose the underlying media, and that is not an easy choice! We are in the midst of potentially migrating our finance and human resources enterprise systems to the Stanford systems. Early indicators are that such a move would make our systems both more effective and efficient. In addition, offerings in work planning and control, great improvements in procurement, and individual SLAC-wide Roles, Responsibilities, Authorities and Accountabilities, or R2A2s, are all being rolled into the responsible organizations.  Read more...

Reminder: Stanford Benefits Open Enrollment Ends Today

(Stanford Seal)

Open Enrollment closes at midnight tonight, so don't delay. Now is the time to make changes to your health and other benefits plans for 2009. The Stanford Benefits Web site provides a summary of benefits. Use the My Benefits button to access your account. To make changes online, you'll need a Stanford University ID number and personal identification number. If you don't have computer access or need help, please contact the laboratory's Benefits Office or call Stanford Benefits at 877-905-2985, option 9.

For more information, visit the Stanford Open Enrollment Web page.

Ed Garwin Passes Away

Ed Garwin in his office, 1990.
(Image courtesy of Tom Nakashima.)

Longtime SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Professor Ed Garwin passed away on Tuesday evening.

Garwin joined the laboratory in 1962. His research over the subsequent 43 years was crucial to the lab's effective and productive operations. Garwin helped to upgrade the polarized electron source for the Stanford Linear Collider and played a leadership role worldwide in surface physics until his retirement in January 2005.

"Those who knew him well experienced his sharp intellect in science and other matters and frequently welcomed his impish broad smile and humor as he emphasized a point," said SLAC Director Persis Drell.

AlertSU Emergency Mass Notification Test Today

Semiannual testing of the Stanford AlertSU emergency mass notification system will take place this afternoon. The AlertSU system provides alerts for Stanford-wide emergency situations. 

In order to participate in this test, employees must have updated contact information on file with StanfordYou.

Learn more...

Word of the Week:

An exoplanet, or "extra solar planet," is a planet outside our solar system in orbit around another star. So far, 326 exoplanets have been discovered, most through indirect methods. This month scientists announced the first-ever discovery of exoplanets found by direct observation, using the Hubble space telescope and the ground-based Gemini and Keck observatories.

LCLS Hardware Update

Click for an interactive map of the LCLS.

Highlights this week from the Linac Coherent Light Source hardware installation include:

• Two-thirds of the undulator vacuum system have been pumped down.

• Installation of the beam dump vacuum components and drift tubes is in progress.

• Vacuum checkout of the linac-to-undulator sections is in progress.

• The phase 5 cable plant installation is almost complete, including the upstream half of the Front End Enclosure.

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