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symmetry: You Have 3Hψi New Messages
SLAC Hosts New Star Outside Kavli Building
Heuer to be New CERN Director General
Medical Care During the Holiday Shutdown

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Monday - December 17, 2007

symmetry: You Have 3Hψi New Messages

(Photo - Scientific paper)
Document courtesy of JoAnne Hewett.

JoAnne Hewett's most recent paper is a collaboration between physicists at SLAC, the University of Chicago, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The team relies heavily on e-mail; at certain stages of the project, they were sending between 50 and 100 e-mails per day.

Somewhere along the thread, one of the physicists mistyped an e-mail address, rerouting the deluge from Ben H. Lillie, a particle theorist at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, to Ben V. Lillie, a 29-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative and father of two in Auburn, Alabama.

"The first e-mail showed up in early June, and I honestly thought it was spam," Alabama Ben recalls. "It looked like one of those pharmaceutical online purchase deals or viruses that had nothing but characters and numbers."  Read more in symmetry...

SLAC Hosts New Star Outside Kavli Building

(Photo - New sculpture of star)
"STAR HB 113," by Michael Deleon, was installed outside the Kavli Building last Friday.

A new sculpture, titled "Star HB 113," now graces the front patio of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC). The striking yellow piece, representing a coalescence of star and meteor, was installed on Friday by artist Michael DeLeon.

"In my work, I try to capture the spiritual essence of the universe," said DeLeon. "My stars are vehicles for expressing my ideas about life and our origins."

DeLeon cast the 12-sided star organically, with a molten-like surface, suggesting the first explosive moments of the universe. "I use physical matter because it helps me express ideas that are very important to me, helping me echo the vastness and beauty of our universe," he said. "And I love sinking my hands into the clay—pushing and pulling and shaping these forms spontaneously."

DeLeon's fascination with space began in childhood, when shooting stars inspired a deep reverence for the world around him. He began sculpting stars five years ago, using diverse media to create pieces with unique configurations. "Stars have become my signature form, and I plan to do them for another year or two," DeLeon said. "But I'm also looking forward to how my work will evolve. I would like to start doing other forms—planets, solar systems, shooting stars."

The sculpture is four and a half feet tall and weighs just under 400 pounds.

Heuer to be New
CERN Director General

The CERN Council has appointed Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer to be next Director General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He will assume office on January 1, 2009. Heuer is currently Research Director for particle and astroparticle physics at the German research center DESY. Read more...

Medical Care During
the Holiday Shutdown

The SLAC Medical Department is closed during the holiday shutdown. If you have a work-related non-emergency illness or injury, you may seek treatment from one of the following healthcare providers:

• Alliance Occupational Medicine (Santa Clara and Milpitas)
• Workforce Medical (Redwood City)
• Stanford Hospital Emergency Services and Prompt Care (Stanford)
• Your personal physician, provided you have completed the Physician Pre-Designation form.

Click here to see hours and locations.

If you do seek care during the shutdown, please notify the SLAC Medical Department at x2281 or Leave a message noting your name, the nature of the injury, the time and date of the occurrence, and the name of the clinic or hospital where you received treatment. When the Medical Department opens for business on January 3, 2007, you will be sent an SU-17 form to complete.

If issues arise regarding a workers' compensation claim, contact Zurich Claims Examiner Martha Deacon at (415) 538-7402. For more information, contact Workers' Compensation Administrator Sharon Haynes at x4533.

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