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From the Director: One Lab
SLAC Celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Yoga Classes Offered Through HIP Program

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Friday - October 5, 2007

(Photo - Persis Drell)

From the Director: One Lab

Pief Panofsky built a laboratory with a single purpose: to probe the fundamental structure of matter with the world's largest electron accelerator. During his lifetime, the lab reinvented itself many times in order to stay on the frontiers of scientific discovery. Fields of science and the laboratory programs have advanced remarkably in 45 years, but the principles of outstanding science that Panofsky stood for have not changed.

We now have a laboratory with a broader scientific mission and we are developing an organization that needs to optimally support that broader mission. My goal as acting director is to optimally position the laboratory to help make a smooth transition to the future scientific programs under a new lab director who will be coming in the spring.

My motto for my time as acting director is: One Lab. What does one lab mean? On the science mission side, it means that as one lab we are developing and will articulate a long range vision for the lab of simultaneous excellence in a series of closely linked fields that attack the frontier questions of science. One Lab means that we all recognize the importance of articulating this coherent and integrated vision for the lab's future scientific programs, and understand how the whole of our programs is much more than just the sum of its parts. This is what makes the lab truly great.  Read more...

SLAC Celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month

(Logo - Computer security)This week marks the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness month. For all of October, state, local and federal government officials are joining universities and industry groups to highlight ways consumers can make themselves, their computers and their electronic data safer.

Starting on October 1st, SLAC Computer Security began posting a new cyber security tip each day. The first week focuses on ways to increase cyber awareness. Next week will focus on best practices.

Over the course of the month, many tools, tips and suggestions will be presented in a way that even those who are not computer or security experts can understand.

The homepage for SLAC's Cyber Security Awareness Month is now posted, with additional pages added each day. Please check back often to see what you can learn.

Yoga Classes Offered Through HIP Program

(Photo - Yoga instructor)
Yoga instructor Moj Razmi.

Stiff shoulders and neck? Low back problems? No energy?

You can rejuvenate every Friday with Moj Razmi's yoga classes, held in the Building 27 Aerobics Room at 11 a.m. and noon.

Razmi, an ex-engineer with a degree from UC Berkeley, is a certified yoga instructor with more than 500 hours of yoga training. "For me, yoga brings clarity to my mind, life and being," she says on her website.

The classes are available through Stanford's Health Improvement Program. The cost for 10 classes is $100, and there is still space in the current session, which began September 28.

In October, Razmi will offer a two-day lecture-based course called "Breathe to Relax and Renew." This course will be on October 23 and 30, from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m., in the Law School Conference Room 230. The $40 fee is reimbursable through the Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP).

For more information on the Health Improvement Program or to sign up for classes, visit the HIP website.

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