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Staff Feedback from Directors Search Focus Groups
Dorfan Today: Keeping SLAC Green
Reminder: Telephone Dialing Change
Safety Firsts

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Monday - April 30, 2007

Staff Feedback from Director Search Focus Groups

(Image - Director Search)
Image courtesy of SLAC InfoMedia.

From April 4th through 11th, SLAC held nine focus group sessions for staff to offer their opinions on the attributes of the ideal director and to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the lab in the next decade. The results of these sessions were summarized by an internal committee, and Persis Drell will present their report to the Director Search Committee when it meets later this week.

"Thank you to all who offered their perspectives," said Persis Drell. "The report will be very helpful to the Director Search Committee as we move forward with our process. Many thanks also go to Carmella Huser for organizing and Frank Topper for facilitating the focus group sessions."

SLAC staff can access the full report online.

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

Keeping SLAC Green

SLAC's home in the hills of northern California is a place of exceptional natural beauty, one to be cherished and nurtured. SLAC employees share a deep commitment to the health of the environment in general, and to that of SLAC in particular. I am pleased to express my appreciation for and share with you some of our recent achievements to protect the beauty and health of the local environment.

Several years ago, well in advance of the start of construction of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), SLAC established a waste management program for the civil construction phase of the project. One of the program's original goals was to divert 66% of the construction waste items such as paper, cardboard, wood, garden waste, scrap metals, and construction materials from being sent to landfills. Subsequent subcontractor estimates suggested that perhaps as much as 74% could be recycled or otherwise kept out of landfills.

I am happy to report that as of the end of March, according to actual debris calculations, both estimates have been exceeded. Since the start of construction last November, 66 tons of construction waste have been generated, of which 60 tons were diverted to be recycled. That is a success rate of more than 90%.   Read more...

Arrows of Time Shows Today at 4:15 p.m.

If you missed the premiere last Friday at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, don't despair! Arrows of Time will come to SLAC's Kavli Auditorium at 4:15 p.m. today. Learn more...

Reminder: Telephone Dialing Change

The special prefix code used to access calling functions (such as pickup, park, or ring again) on SLAC's telephone system is scheduled to be changed from 6 to 636 at 10:00 a.m. today. If you continue to use the old code to access features, you might get error tone ("fast busy"), a message that the extension you dialed is not in service, or simple failure of a feature to function (for example, you try to pick up a call and fail to connect). For more information, see the article in last Monday's SLAC Today.

Safety Firsts

Southwest Airlines exclusively uses 737 aircraft because they make a large number of shorter flights, so take-offs and landings are frequent and routine. Flight 1248 while landing at Midway had their flight computer (OPC) tell them that they would stop with only 30 feet of runway remaining (it was snowy and icy with a 12 mph tail-wind), so they went for it. Seem like a good call?

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