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Possible Continuing Resolution
LCLS "Bird 2" Webcam Now Online
Certificate in Supervision Series Begins

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Friday - January 5, 2007

(Photo - Capitol - courtesy of CNN)

Possible Continuing Resolution

As you may know, Congress is considering funding Federal government agencies—including the Department of Energy (DOE)—at last year's funding levels. While such an action, called a "continuing resolution" (CR), is not unusual for the first few months of a new fiscal year, an extension to the end of the year (in this instance, through September 30, 2007) has little precedent.

For SLAC, as well as all the other DOE-funded national laboratories and most of the entities funded by the Federal government, this means we would be required to operate at a funding level to be determined by the details specified in the CR. As the details have not yet been worked out, we remain uncertain of the specific impacts on SLAC and our programs. Depending on what both Congress and the DOE decide to do, the impact could range from minimal to very significant.

In the best-case scenario, Congress would give the DOE discretion to determine the funding level of its programs within its 2006 budget cap. Under such circumstances, SLAC funding could get close to the FY2007 President's budget. In the worst case, the impacts could include reductions in the operating time of our major accelerator-based user facilities; reductions in materials/expendables and travel costs; delays and increased costs for the LCLS project; and reductions in staffing levels.

Right now, not enough information is available to make a firm assessment and plan a detailed strategy. However, I want to assure you that we are monitoring the situation carefully and are working closely with Washington and Stanford to understand and respond to the situation as it develops over the coming month. We will keep you all fully informed as this evolves and any significant new information becomes available.

—Keith Hodgson, Acting SLAC Director

LCLS "Bird 2" Webcam
Now Available Online

The Bird 2 webcam shows LCLS construction near the Collider Hall.

You can now watch LCLS construction activities from both sides of the action via the LCLS "Bird 2" webcam perched atop the Collider Hall (Building 750). Bird 2 joins the Bird 1 webcam already at work in the Research Yard. Together, these two cameras give viewers a real-time glimpse of excavators and construction workers busily shaping the first stages of the LCLS facilities.

As both webcams show, construction is now well underway. This week Bird 1 gives a glimpse of crews in the Research Yard building a dirt ramp that will lead up to the opening of the undulator hall tunnel. This marks the beginning of construction of the tunnel, which will run nearly half a mile from the research yard to the Far Experimental Hall. Bird 2 shows the continuing excavation of the Near Experimental Hall on the opposite side of the hill.

To view the stream, click here and follow the instructions. Both webcams can be accessed from this page.

The Bird 1 webcam shows LCLS construction in the Research Yard.

Certificate in Supervision Series Begins Next Week

The seventh annual Certificate in Supervision series will begin on Thursday, January 11, 2007. The first class, An Introduction to Supervision at SLAC, begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m., in the Redwood Conference Room of the Research Office Building (Building 48). All other classes meet from 8 a.m. until noon. In the introductory class, facilitator Joyce Irby will teach participants how to lead in a changing work environment, how to set priorities, and how to use communication tools and tips to provide effective leadership.

This popular series consists of nine classes designed to teach supervisors and those interested in becoming supervisors effective leadership skills to meet the demands of an ever-changing workplace at SLAC and to promote optimal performance from employees. The interactive and lively classes are taught by both outside facilitators and the HR training staff. More than 230 people have completed the series, earning their Certificates in Supervision.

Supervisors with fewer than 2 years of supervisory experience at SLAC are required to take four of the classes, including Introduction to Supervision at SLAC, Understanding Legal Issues, Establishing Performance Expectations, and Creating a Safe and Sound Work Environment.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the series, or in single classes, may do so by e-mailing Detailed information about the series and a schedule of classes can be found here. Approval by your supervisor is required to attend the classes.

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