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SLAC to Test New Emergency Response System Thursday
Large Area Telescope First Year Data Released
SLAC Tour Re-launch Needs You!

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Tuesday - August 25, 2009

SLAC to Test New Emergency Response System Thursday

This Thursday, August 27, from 7:30 a.m. until noon, SLAC will conduct the first exercise of its new Emergency Response Organization, or ERO. If you should happen to see emergency response personnel and vehicles entering the SLAC campus Thursday morning, don't worry—this is a drill.

During the past eighteen months, SLAC's Environment, Safety and Health Division has been updating SLAC's ERO. "We've been putting a lot of work into improving our ERO," said Brian Sherin of ES&H. "Thursday's drill is designed to test all aspects of our new system and how we integrate with external emergency agencies."

Thursday's drill will provide the first full-scale test of the new ERO structure, which now includes three sub-groups working together to safely and efficiently handle any emergency that might arise.  Read more...

Large Area Telescope First Year Data Released

(Image - FGST all-sky gamma map)
This all-sky view from the Fermi telescope reveals bright emission in the plane of the Milky Way (center), bright pulsars and super-massive black holes. (Image: NASA/DOE/International LAT Team.)

Ever since the Large Area Telescope launched aboard the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in June 2008, the LAT team has been analyzing data, searching for answers to some of the most pressing questions in astrophysics. Now everyone else can join in.

Today, the collaboration and the Fermi mission makes the first year of LAT gamma-ray data publicly available.

"This is a way of maximizing the scientific return from the mission," said Fermi Project Scientist Julie McEnery. "There is a very large number of scientists in the community with very good ideas of what to do with this data. By sharing it among a large group of people, we really get a lot more."  Read more...

(Photo - tour busses along the SLAC linac)
Tour buses make their way down the SLAC linac. (Photo by Diana Rogers.)

SLAC Tour Re-launch Needs You!

The SLAC Communications Office is glad to announce the re-launch of the SLAC tour program this fall. The new tour itinerary will highlight the breadth of current SLAC science along with the history and accomplishments of past SLAC experiments. Employees, graduate students and lab retirees interested in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm are needed to help guide the new, monthly tours of the lab.

The Communications Office is hosting an information session for potential tour guides in the Building 40 Orange Room at 11 a.m. on Monday, August 31. The meeting will provide information about the tour program and an opportunity to contribute feedback on the tour process. Anyone in the SLAC community with an interest in guiding tours is welcome to attend. Full training will be provided for guides before the start of tours in late September.

The tour program will consist of two public tours run back-to-back one day each month, along with tours for education groups (students over 12 years of age) as booked. Tour guide training will include opportunities to give practice tours to other guides, and tour guides can attend workshops to hone their presentation skills. Graduate students and retirees will be paid for their time; staff guides will be asked to volunteer.

For more information, please attend the guide information session on Monday or contact SLAC Tour Coordinator Karen Bryce (x4359).


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