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Happy Ten-year Anniversary, BaBar
Recycling Tip of the Week: Cardboard

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Thursday - August 13, 2009

Happy Ten-year Anniversary, BaBar

(Image - BaBar Detector dedication ceremony program cover)
Program cover from the BaBar Detector dedication ceremony. (Image: SLAC Archives.)

Ten years ago today, colleagues from around the world gathered at SLAC to celebrate the new BaBar Detector and the science it would pursue.

In a letter celebrating the dedication, then Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson wrote:

Congratulations to you, the U.S. team, and to our partners from nine different countries on the dedication of the BaBar Detector. You brought this detector into operation on schedule and within budget, an accomplishment that could not have been achieved without the dedication and support of all of the nearly 600 physicists from 85 institutions who collaborated on this endeavor.

The BaBar experiment continues in this spirit of international cooperation, now as a collaboration of 12 nations, with the addition of Israel and India in February and June of this year, respectively. From its location at the collision point of the PEP-II ring, the BaBar Detector has born witness to record-breaking machine performance and prizewinning discoveries probing the fundamental nature of matter and energy. 

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(Image - ISEMS leaves)

Recycling Tip of the Week:

Corrugated cardboard has three layers, with the middle cardboard-layer groove. For recycling, this material should be deposited in a dumpster labeled "Cardboard Only." Dumpsters for cardboard are located throughout SLAC. (See this list of locations.) Check with your building manager to identify how corrugated cardboard is handled in your building.

(Photo - trash dumpster)

When recycling corrugated cardboard boxes, please remove contents such as Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and paper and flatten the box as feasible. Flattening the box saves space in the collection truck, allowing the pick up route to be more efficient. If you have only a small amount of cardboard, it can also go into the mixed paper recycle bins.

Cardboard contaminated with food, such as a pizza box, is not recyclable in the cardboard recycling bin or in the mixed paper recycling bins. Pizza boxes may go into the bins labeled as "compostables" at the SLAC Linear Café, or in the trash.


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