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Soil Cleanup to Begin Next Week
Welcoming the Under Secretary for Science
Registration Open for Certificate in Supervision Training Program
Recycling Tip of the Week: Styrofoam

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Thursday - August 6, 2009

Soil Cleanup to Begin Next Week

(Photo - shield wall parts in the 'bone yard')
Shielding pieces in the "bone yard" near the SLAC linac. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

Starting next week, expect to see a little more traffic and a little less dirt around the SLAC campus. The Department of Energy Environmental Management Office is beginning soil cleanup work at seven sites, including the artificial ridge and the lower salvage yard on the south side of the Klystron Gallery, and what's known as the "bone yard," a site on the north side of the Klystron Gallery where old shielding blocks rest. To lead the soil removal, the Department of Energy has contracted CPE, a company run by small business organizations: Cape Environmental Services, Terranear PMC and ECOR Environmental Services. The DOE Environmental Management Office's Federal Project Director Kevin Bazzell will manage the performance of CPE. The removal will continue through August and into the fall until rainy weather forces a stop. Remaining work will resume in the spring.

"People can expect to see earth-moving equipment in areas like the artificial ridge and the bone yard," said CPE Environment, Safety and Health Manager Tim Campell, who has been working on the project with SLAC personnel for the past year. "We're working very closely with Simon Ovrahim and SLAC security, and SLAC ES&H groups to coordinate movement. We're also working with building and area managers so they are well aware of our plans. We'll try to limit as best we can any impact to the site employees." CPE is also working with SLAC's own Environmental Restoration Group to take on the project. "Everyone at SLAC has been great to work with," Campbell added, "and we greatly appreciate their efforts."  Read more...

Welcoming the Under Secretary for Science

(Photo - visitors in the Klystron Gallery)
Persis shows Koonin (center) and his staff the linac Klystron Gallery. (Photo by Karen Bryce.)

Last week SLAC hosted a visit from Department of Energy Under Secretary for Science Steven Koonin. SLAC Director Persis Drell, Linac Coherent Light Source Project Director John Galayda and LCLS Director Joachim Stöhr showed Koonin around the lab, including stops in the SLAC linac's Klystron Gallery, LCLS facilities and the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. Dr. Koonin also heard brief talks by SLAC scientists Lance Dixon, Sebastien Boutet, Roger Blanford and John Bargar, who highlighted their research.

"It was a pleasure to host Dr. Koonin," said Stöhr, "and the SLAC people enjoyed his numerous questions and the lively discussions."

(Photo - visitors in the LCLS)
LCLS Director Joachim Stöhr (right) describes upcoming science, in one of the LCLS experimental hutches. (Photo by Karen Bryce.)

Confirmed as Under Secretary on May 21, Koonin was previously Chief Scientist for BP, plc, where he was responsible for guiding the company's long-range technology strategy, particularly in alternative and renewable energy sources. Koonin joined BP in 2004 following a 29-year career at the California Institute of Technology as a Professor of Theoretical Physics, including a 9-year term as the Institute's Provost. He has served on advisory bodies for the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy and its various national laboratories. Koonin's research interests have included theoretical and computational physics, as well as global environmental science. He completed his undergraduate work at Caltech and doctorate at MIT.

Registration Open for Certificate in Supervision Training Program

SLAC's Training and Development group announces the launch of the next Certificate in Supervision program, beginning Thursday, September 17. The Certificate series is a nine-class training program designed to teach supervisors and managers effective leadership skills to meet the demands of SLAC's workplace and to promote optimal performance from employees.

The program is open to all SLAC supervisors and managers and to anyone who wants to be prepared to become one in the future. Permission of your supervisor is required.

Supervisors with two or fewer years of supervisory experience at SLAC are required to take four of the certificate classes, including Introduction to Supervision, Legal Issues in Supervision, Setting Expectations and Creating a Safe and Sound Workplace.

Register today to attend the next series, using the online registration page or follow the link under Human Resources, Training and Development.

(Image - ISEMS leaves)

Recycling Tip of the Week:

Unfortunately, polystyrene—also known as Styrofoam or #6 plastic—commonly used in packaging materials (peanuts or large blocks), is not accepted in SLAC's recycling program.

When possible, please work with the company providing the product to see if there is a way to package the item you are ordering in recyclable packaging like paper, molded paper, bubble wrap or air pillows. Some vendors may also offer "take back" programs for packaging.

Styrofoam peanuts may be accepted by SLAC's Shipping and Receiving Department for reuse. Please coordinate with Sandra Pickrom (x4247). If you cannot find a reuse for the Styrofoam, it should be placed in the trash. Small pieces, such as peanuts, should be bagged and sealed prior to placing in the trash to avoid littering during container unloading and transport.


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