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From the Directors of Photon Science and SIMES: An Energy Facet of the SLAC–Stanford Partnership
AIP: Simulus Includes $1.6 Billion for DOE Office of Science
"What's Hot, What's Not" Event at the Linear Café
Stanford Directories Are Headed Your Way
Word of the Week: Undulator

SLAC Today

Friday - February 13, 2009

From the Directors of Photon Science and SIMES: An Energy Facet of the SLAC–Stanford Partnership

(Photo - Keith Hodgson) (Photo - Zhi-Xun Shen)

We are all acutely aware of the importance of energy—the criticality of reliable and sustainable supplies, the role of its cost on our economy, and the impact of energy production and use on the environment. The challenges facing us in the energy arena are not simple and solutions will come only through sustained investment in basic research and development utilizing multidisciplinary strategies that can be translated into practical applications.  Read more...

AIP: Stimulus Includes $1.6 Billion for DOE Office of Science

The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science Policy News is reporting that the $790 billion economic stimulus package approved by House and Senate conferees Wednesday night includes "significant funding increases" for science and technology, including $1.6 billion for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, which funds particle physics.

Now the compromise bill goes back to the full House and Senate for final approval. Read more in Symmetry Breaking.

Editor's note: For more on the stimulus package, see "What's in the Stimulus Bill" from Business Week and the full text of the House bill, with summaries, from the Huffington Post.

(Image - Epicurean Group logo)

"What's Hot, What's Not" Event at the Linear Café

Members of the SLAC community are cordially invited to come to SLAC's Linear Café for house-baked treats and espresso/tea drinks on Thursday, February 19, starting at 4:00 p.m. The Epicurean Group, providers of the Linear Café food services, are very interested in hearing your opinions about the current level of service and food offerings and what they might do to make the Linear Café an even more inviting venue for breakfast, lunch and catering services.

All SLAC staff are invited to participate in this unique opportunity to enjoy the free goodies and provide feedback to Epicurean Group staff. Please RSVP to Linear Café General Manager Robin Martinez (x2615).

Stanford Directories Are Headed Your Way

Copies of the 2009 Stanford Directory will be delivered to SLAC mailstops this month, in quantities based on benefits-eligible employee counts.

Word of the Week: Undulator

(Photo by Brad Plummer. Click for larger image.)

An undulator is a series of magnets that alternate between north and south poles, creating highly focused light emissions by sending electrons through a slalom course. Some undulators simply wobble electrons back and forth; others send them spinning in a spiral.

The Linac Coherent Light Source will use a 130-meter-long row of undulators, the longest ever made, to help produce powerful X-rays. In the LCLS, a beam of electrons will zip down the final third of SLAC's linac and through the Undulator Hall, where the magnets' alternating polarizations will force the electrons to wiggle slightly back and forth. These wiggles spawn short bursts of X-ray laser light, which will eventually be used like a strobe light to take stop-motion pictures of biological and chemical processes that happen in one thousandth of one billionth of one second.


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