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New Luminosity Record for PEP-II
Dorfan Today: All Hands Talks Postponed
SLAC Travel System Updated and Running
Softball Team Seeks Players

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Monday - June 19, 2006

The red line above shows the PEP-II record luminosity period, broken up into Sunday's day and swing shifts. Click on the image to see the full plots of all three contributing shifts.

New Luminosity Record for PEP-II

PEP-II, which collides a positron beam from one storage ring with an electron beam from the other ring, is smashing particles like never before. Over the past month, the collider consistently achieved peak luminosities well above previous norms of 1034 cm-2 s-1. Last week, the bar for collider performance was raised even higher when a new record was set for luminosity over a 24-hour period.

Luminosity is a measure of the brightness of particle collisions, so that adding more particles to a given beam, or reducing beam sizes where they collide, increases luminosity. Normally sunlight uniformly illuminates the ground, with its energy spread out over a large area. However, if we concentrate the light by passing it through a lens, we concentrate the energy on a small spot with potentially dramatic effects.

From the start of the day shift on June 11 to the end of  the owl shift on June 12, PEP-II delivered 884 pb-1, dramatically erasing the previous best of 760 achieved just last month. At the same time, BaBar was live and accumulating data for an impressive 99.8% of this 24 hour period. With almost 10 weeks to go in Run 5, BaBar and PEP-II are aiming to make this recent record the norm, while continuing to forge ahead towards the goal of one fb-1/day.

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

All Hands Talks Postponed

I apologize that I have to postpone the All Hands talks scheduled for today. I have caught a flu bug which will take a few days to pass. I will reschedule the talk as soon as I feel better.

The receptions with the Directorate will go forward today with a revised schedule. Please join them for conversation and light refreshments in the Breezeway area at 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.


SLAC Travel System Updated and Running

(Graphic - Travel Form) After a successful test run, the redesigned online Domestic Travel System goes live today. Use this system for any new travel plans; plans already in process will continue on the old system.

The new forms can only be accessed with a SLAC Windows password.  Please contact the computing helpdesk if you have difficulty logging on.

The International Travel System will be updated soon.

SLAC Softball Team Seeks Players

Itching to hit things in the name of sport? The SLAC Spinors are looking for a few more players for Stanford’s intramural softball league.

"We've had players from all directorates," said team captain Rodd Pope. "We have athletes and we have foreign exchange students who have never played baseball before."

The weekly games start today and wrap up in September. Each seven-inning game begins at 5:30 and finishes around 7:00 p.m.

"We always have some refreshing beverages available," notes Pope, "sometimes in the second inning."

To learn more, contact Pope at or x2487.

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