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New Information in the Fight Against Drug-resistant Bacteria
Safety Today: Site-wide Safety Discussions this Thursday
Electrical Safety Tip: Hazardous, Toxic, Smoky Cables
Juneteenth Celebration Tickets Now On Sale

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Tuesday - May 9, 2006

(Photo - Bacterial protein EmrD)
A side view of the bacterial protein EmrD. (Image courtesy of Geoffrey Chang, The Scripps Research Institute.)

New Information in the Fight
Against Drug-resistant Bacteria

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have determined the structure of a bacterial protein that contributes to the ability of bacteria to become resistant to life-saving antibiotics. Researchers determined the structure with x-ray data collected at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) and Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source. The study was published May 5 in ScienceXpress, an advance online edition of the journal ScienceRead more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Site-wide Safety Discussions this Thursday

All SLAC employees and users will meet with their managers and supervisors this Thursday, May 11, to discuss injury prevention. These discussions offer employees a chance to provide feedback to their department managers and safety coordinators on how best to prevent injuries.

"Thanks to everyone for your efforts toward ensuring that this site-wide focus heightens awareness and generates new safety ideas," said Janice Dabney, Operations Directorate Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Coordinator.

Senior management and ES&H ask groups in each directorate to submit at least two ways to decrease the chance of injury when performing their work tasks. Managers should contact their directorate ES&H coordinator for information on where to submit these ideas. A compilation of these suggestions will then be provided to each program director for review by the ES&H Coordinating Council on May 16.

For more information on this site-wide discussion, please contact Tom Rizzi.

Juneteenth Celebration:
Tickets Now On Sale

(Juneteenth 2004) The annual Juneteenth celebration offers new tastes, dances, interactive experiences, and information on America's black history.

It's Juneteenth time again! This year's 17th Annual Juneteenth Celebration, Jamboree on the Green, promises to be a finger-licking, jam-packed, fun-filled event that you won't soon forget! It all happens on Friday, June 16 from 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now.

Jamboree on the Green offers great new tastes, dances, interactive experiences, and information on America's incredible black history. Each of this year's event booths is designed to capture your senses. The "Sweet Potato Pie Stand" will offer Southern delicacies, while the "Domino Den" and "Spade Shack" offer a chance to compete in exciting games.  Read more...

Electrical Safety Tip:
Hazardous, Toxic, Smoky Cables

(Photo - LSNH Cables) When an electric cable gets very hot or burns, it releases chemicals from its insulation jacket into the air. These chemicals include dioxins, di-benzo furans and hydrogen chloride. In addition to being dangerous to your health, these chemicals are highly corrosive and can cause equipment and building damage.

SLAC recommends that Low Smoke Non-Halogenated (LSNH) cables be used whenever possible. Cases where LSNH cables are unavailable and halogenated cables must be installed should be discussed with the SLAC Electrical Safety Officer (ESO), Perry Anthony.

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