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XLDB Expands as Interest from Science and Industry Grows
Opportunity to Support Small Businesses Research Proposals
Giants Who? SLAC Annual Softball Game Offers Fun Afternoon

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Tuesday - October 5, 2010

XLDB Expands as Interest from Science and Industry Grows

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The fourth annual Extremely Large Databases Workshop and Conference begins at SLAC today. All day today, an invitation-only workshop will preserve the benefits of the open discussion format of previous XLDB events. New this year, the XLDB meeting will also incorporate a two-day conference, held Wednesday and Thursday in Kavli Auditorium.

"Almost every single industry is dealing with more and more information," said conference Chair and SLAC database engineer Jacek Becla, noting the demand for a larger XLDB venue. Among the new attendees at this year's conference are representatives from the oil and gas, medical informatics and finance industries.

Begun in 2007, the annual XLDB meetings focus on finding practical solutions to the problem of how to store, access and analyze an ever-increasing deluge of data. For example, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is expected to generate more than one hundred petabytes (more than 1015 bytes) of processed data over a ten-year operating period. And it is not just science that is producing such astronomical amounts of information. Credit card companies, for example, track billions of transactions world-wide. One of the benefits of the XLDB workshops has been their ability to bring together such a wide range of people. Participants discuss common challenges, such as time-series analysis or outlier detection on uncertain data, that face both commercial and scientific ventures. 

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Opportunity to Support Small Businesses Research Proposals

The fiscal year 2011 Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Program has just announced its solicitation for Phase I proposals. The deadline for submittal of proposals is November 15, 2010. Relevant information on the solicitation is available at

SLAC faculty and staff interested in collaborating with small businesses that are submitting proposals relevant to SLAC's programmatic needs should contact Patrick Lui at (x3198) in the Office of Technology Transfer no later than October 11. The OTT will hold a meeting on October 13 with prospective SLAC project managers on SBIR or STTR projects to be proposed by their small business partners. The purpose of the meeting is to go over all SLAC internal steps that are required in order for SLAC project managers and OTT to provide necessary and timely support to the companies so that they can submit their proposals by the due date.

Giants Who? SLAC Annual Softball Game Offers Fun Afternoon

The victorious Research team. (Photo by Heather Rock Woods.)

The annual SLAC softball game took place Saturday in the warm afternoon sunshine at Stanford's Roble Field. The Research team came from behind to triumph over the Accelerator team, 15-11, and win the coveted Drell-Richter Trophy.

Brett Auer received the Bill Kirk Most Valuable Player Award for his killer combination of home run hits and devastating fielding.

The game was a multi-generational affair, with Research aided by the power-hitting duo of Ryan and Brett Auer, while Mike Woods, who captained Research, brought the wily Woods daughters Clara and Laurel as the team's secret weapons. Accelerator team captain Tom Markiewicz brought his son Alex. Brother-sister duo Matt and Natalie Cramar also gave able support to the Accelerator team, along with Gene Anzalone and his sons Brian and Mark and daughter-in-law Cindy.

Richard Zdarko, the game's oldest player, is a veteran of SLAC softball games since the early 1960's when they pitted Faculty against Grad Students. He pitched for Research and advised some of the newer players, including software engineer Raghuveer Ausoori of the Particle Physics and Astrophysics Division, whose previous experience in cricket transferred nicely to both hitting and fielding.

"I've been playing for 10,000 years," Zdarko said dryly. "One year I played for both teams. That was intense."

Players from the SLAC intramural team, the Spinors, provided the cores of both teams.

"We're reaching out to the entire lab to participate in this game," Woods said. "It's great competition, but mostly it's an opportunity to have a good time with colleagues, friends and family." 

Dick Zdarko
Joanna Lingad
Laurel Woods
Mike Woods
Jim Johnson
Clara Woods
Ron Cassell
Raghuveer Ausoori
Brett Auer
Lori White
Ryan Auer
Hendrik Ohldag

Matt Cramar
Tom Markiewicz
Natalie Cramar
Regina Franco
Brian Anzalone
Cindy Anzalone
Mark Anzalone
Gene Anzalone
Alex Markiewicz
Ricky Lam
Mike Palrang
Clayton Shum


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