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From the Chief Operating Officer: SLAC Subcouncils
New Leaders Named for Dark Energy Experiment
Come Help SLAC Blood Drive Take on Silicon Valley Giants

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Friday - March 26, 2010

From the Chief Operating Officer: SLAC Subcouncils

(Photo - Sandy Merola)
(Photo by Linda Cicero.)

As you probably know, the SLAC Subcouncils have been in existence for about 18 months now and have taken on a significant role in the governance of our lab. For example, the Office of the Chief Finance Officer Subcouncil has been tremendously helpful in the design of the new SLAC financial model; the Facilities Subcouncil has been influential in the prioritization of our infrastructure improvements projects; other Subcouncils have helped the Operations Directorate set service priorities, service models and laboratory policies.

About 75 members of SLAC currently serve on Subcouncils. (A current list of Subcouncil members can be found on the Operations Directorate Web site.) Yet, many SLAC employees wonder about the roles and goals of the Subcouncils.

First of all, the Subcouncils are not a volunteer organization or a committee of good citizens. Rather they are an official body of SLAC governance; members are officially appointed by their respective associate laboratory directors to represent their directorates. In fact, Subcouncil chairpersons are unanimously appointed by all ALDs. 

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New Leaders Named for Dark Energy Experiment

John Peoples, director emeritus and former Dark Energy Survey project director, handed over the reins to DES collaborators Josh Frieman and Rick Kron. (Photo: Fermilab Today.)

An experiment that scientists hope will help them understand what is causing the acceleration of the universe is under new management. On March 15, Josh Frieman succeeded Fermilab Director Emeritus John Peoples as project director of the Dark Energy Survey. Rich Kron will serve as deputy director.

The data from the experiment will provide scientists with four methods that they can use to determine the nature of the dark energy thought responsible for the acceleration of the universe. The survey experiment, which will use a very large digital camera mounted to a telescope in Chile, is the first of a new generation of projects that can help to address that question.  The Dark Energy Camera and its infrastructure are currently under construction at Fermilab. Other experiment components are being built elsewhere

Read more in Fermilab Today...

Come Help SLAC Blood Drive Take on
Silicon Valley Giants

The SLAC Blood Drive is new this season. On Wednesday, March 31, donors are invited to participate in the first competition among tech companies in the Bay Area that hold at least four blood drives during 2010. (We do!)

Participating companies (including Apple, Cisco, eBay, Google) will be awarded "points" after each drive, based on performance. There will be winners in four categories and one overall winner. SLAC will be rated according to participation, projection accuracy, percent of new donors, repeat of new donors and the total amount given.

SLAC Site Office Manager Paul Golan and lab Director Persis Drell (back left) enjoy a snack with other donors at the August 19, 2009 SLAC blood drive. (Photo by Lauren Knoche.)

As our blood drive coordinator, I have witnessed those who repeatedly take the time to show up. Many pride themselves on how often and how many pints they've donated; some donate for personal reasons; others are "new members." All selflessly give. One day your contribution could help "one of ours." You never know.

Thank you so much for your valued participation.

To make an appointment or for further information, please see the SLAC Blood Drive page.


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