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People Today: Doug Kreitz Takes Time for the Children
Around SLAC Dresden: An Honorary Degree

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Wednesday - August 12, 2009

People Today:
Doug Kreitz Takes Time for the Children

(Photo - Doug Kreitz)
Doug Kreitz.
(Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

Every summer for the past nine years, Doug Kreitz has taken a week off from his work at SLAC to go take photos. But instead of heading into the wilderness or some other exotic locale, Kreitz goes to a university campus somewhere in the United States to work as a volunteer counselor and photographer for Youth Rally, a summer camp for children ages 11 to 17 who have special medical needs.

The volunteer-run camp, which has been in operation for more than 25 years, is designed to help kids foster a sense of independence despite their medical issues. To help campers get used to dormitory living, the event takes place at a different college campus each year.

(Photo Doug Kreitz)
Kreitz works his magic at the Youth Rally camp. (Photo courtesy of Doug Kreitz.)

This year's camp, held July 11-16 at the University of Colorado, Boulder, drew 111 campers and nearly 70 counselors, along with 13 nurses to provide medical care. Campers take field trips, put on fashion shows, attend dances, listen to speakers and take the opportunity to meet others who have faced similar challenges.

"Some of these kids have very, very complicated medical issues," Kreitz said. "What they find at camp is that they can be with kids just like them. And in some cases, they've never, ever met anybody else with the same problem. Typically, by the time they leave they're transformed." 

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(Photo - Jonathan Dorfan receives an honorary degree at UT Dresden)
TU Dresden Rector Magnifizenz Hermann Kokenge hands the award document to Jonathan. (Photo courtesy Klaus Schubert.)

Around SLAC Dresden: An Honorary Degree

Last month, SLAC Director emeritus Jonathan Dorfan was honored by the University of Technology Dresden in Germany with the degree Doctor rerum naturalium honoris causa.

The award recognizes his merits in planning, constructing and operating the electron-positron collider PEP-II and the experiment BaBar, which have led to the discovery of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in decays of beauty quarks. The particle physics group of TU Dresden was the first German group to join SLAC's B-Meson-Factory project, later followed by University groups from Bochum, Rostock, Dortmund, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Berlin and Mainz.

The ceremony included the welcome address on behalf of the Faculty of Science by Professor Michael Kobel and a laudation by Professor Klaus Schubert; both are members of the BaBar Collaboration


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