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From the Chief Operating Officer
SSI Launches Today
Happy Birthday to Charm

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Monday - August 3, 2009

From the Chief Operating Officer

(Photo - Alexander Merola)

You have hopefully noticed our efforts to continuously improve Operations Directorate services in support of the SLAC mission. In that spirit, two changes are effective as of August 1.

(Photo - Mark Reichanadter)
Mark Reichanadter. (Photo courtesy Mark Reichanadter.)

1. We are strengthening our project management capabilities as well as increasing the capacity of the Operation Directorate. Mark Reichanadter has agreed to the dual position of SLAC deputy chief operating officer and deputy associate lab director for operations. This will immediately allow the conventional facilities projects that have been managed in the LCLS Directorate to be transferred to the Facilities Division. Further, Mark will work with Steve Williams and others in the Integrated Performance Management organization to improve SLAC's project management across the board and to ensure that project management oversight is established as a critical SLAC-wide assurance function.

2. We are vertically integrating SLAC information services including the library, document management, Web services and the underlying Web servers. In that regard, the Technical Information Services organization will become part of the current SCCS organization. The SCCS organization will be renamed the Computing Division and Office of the Chief Information Officer, or OCIO.

(Image - SSI 2009 banner)

SSI Launches Today

Today marks the beginning of the 37th annual SLAC Summer Institute, with the theme "Revolutions on the Horizon – A Decade of New Experiments." For the next two weeks, more than 150 attendees from graduate students to physics faculty will meet at SLAC to discuss the theoretical motivations and experimental techniques that will enable exciting discoveries in the next generation of physics experiments in the energy, intensity and cosmic frontiers. As always, the institute features a strong SLAC contingent, but also welcomes speakers and students from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden, Turkey as well as other US institutions. In addition to a comprehensive lecture series, the program includes discussion sessions, social events and the ever-popular SSI versus SLAC soccer game on Wednesday, August 12. This year's summer institute looks to be an excellent opportunity to meet, eat and perhaps even score a goal with leaders in the global high energy physics community.

(Image - charm bracelet)

Happy Birthday to Charm

Today, charm turns 45. Sheldon Glashow and James Bjorken coined the term "charm" for a theoretical new particle, the charm quark, in a paper published in Physics Letters on August 1, 1964. The paper is cited more than 550 times in the SPIRES-HEP database: Elementary Particles and SU(4).

Thanks to SLAC archivist Jean Deken for passing along along this gem.


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