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From the Director: Please No Tailgating!
LCLS Office Building Groundbreaking: New Hours for Alpine Gate
Improving PeopleSoft Accessibility and User Training
Word of the Week: Fermion

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Friday - July 31, 2009

From the Director: Please No Tailgating!

(Photo - Persis Drell)

We are all relieved that a suspect has been identified and charged in the SSRL vandalism incident. This has been an unusual and unfortunate incident in the lab’s history, but one we should take a moment to learn from.

The investigation uncovered several vulnerabilities in our Human Resources and security systems. We are proceeding with a formal "lessons learned" effort that will deliver recommendations on how to mitigate our vulnerabilities and prioritize them. Independent of this incident, we have been evaluating and identifying ways to improve our security posture commensurate with our research campus environment.

Meanwhile, there is one thing we can all do immediately. During the investigation, the suspect in the SSRL vandalism case indicated that she "tailgated" through the Sector 17 gate. In other words, someone else went through and she snuck through with them.

Please do not let anyone tailgate with you as you go through a security gate. If someone asks to do so, refuse and instead encourage them to call Security for admittance. If someone sneaks through with you, call Security and report it immediately.

This lab is important to all of us and to the nation. Please be diligent and report anyone on the site who violates our security policies or acts in a way that is suspicious. SLAC Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call them at x5555 if you see someone or something that concerns you. 

LCLS Office Building Groundbreaking:
New Hours for Alpine Gate

(Image - LCLS office building drawing)
Conceptual design sketch for the new LCLS office building. (Image courtesy Lori Plummer.)

Starting August 3, the Facilities Engineering and Construction Department will be breaking ground for the new Linac Coherent Light Source office building, Building 901. To help the construction crews with easy access and reduce traffic at the main gate, the Alpine gate will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. All SLAC employees and users with a current SLAC ID badge can use the gate to enter and exit the site during these hours. The construction contractors approved for the LCLS project will have a special badge to enter the Alpine gate. All other construction contractors must use the main gate on Sand Hill road for access to the site.

Please be patient and use caution when using the Alpine gate during the construction. You will be sharing the road with construction contractors and will occasionally experience minor traffic delays when heavy equipment or concrete trucks enter the site. All traffic rules must be followed and obeyed. Once the construction project is completed the gate hours with return to current hours.

Improving PeopleSoft Accessibility and User Training

As announced last May, all SLAC staff now have access to enter requisitions through SLAC's online business system, PeopleSoft Financials, replacing the previous Business Information System, or BIS Requisition Entry System.

Please note that the BIS information System (Requisition entry component) has been phased out and will no longer be available starting Monday, August 3. If you are unclear how to create a purchase requisition in PeopleSoft, please contact your purchasing gatekeeper or requisition group coordinator. Requisition data entry training is provided online using the SLAC PeopleSoft Training Tool .

If you are unsure who your Purchasing Department gatekeeper/requisition group coordinator is, please see the Requisition Group Coordinators Listing or contact David Pindroh (x8515).

A special Purchasing Power Briefing Training class focusing on PeopleSoft requisition order entry, requisition status inquiry, vendor inquiry and the online financial approval process will be conducted on Wednesday, August 5, from 11 a.m. until noon in the Orange Conference Room. Staff can sign up for this training class by using the SLAC training registration Web page.

Word of the Week: Fermion

By the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the stuff of the universe can be broken down into two broad, overreaching classes. There are the bosons—particles that create forces like gravity, the electroweak force and the strong nuclear force—and then there are the fermions, the quarks and leptons, which are the building blocks of matter.

All fermions obey a rule called the Pauli exclusion principle: you can’t put two the same in the same place at the same time. This is the key property that gives size and structure to matter, leading to patterns of stable nuclei and the chemical properties of atoms.


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