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From the Director: Work Planning Moves Forward
LCLS Team Installs Final Undulator
Wanted: Rogue Bolts
Word of the Week: Eclipse

SLAC Today

Friday - July 24, 2009

From the Director:
Work Planning Moves Forward

(Photo - Persis Drell)

Last week, we invited in a team from Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, led by Kyle Turner of McCallum-Turner, Inc., to perform an assessment of our ongoing Work Planning and Control program implementation. They focused on how the WPC program was implemented at the worker level and shared their observations and recommendations with the associate laboratory directors and me during an out-briefing last Friday.

The good news is that SLAC staff are generally aware of and using elements of WPC, such as understanding the hazards and controls of your work, and authorization and release. They determined that many of you believe that the release process adds value, your roles as area or building managers are better clarified and that a commitment to and understanding of Stop Work Authority is strong. They were generally impressed with how the organization was implementing WPC, given the stage of development of our program.  Read more...

LCLS Team Installs Final Undulator

(Photo - installation of the final LCLS undulator)
Mechanical Fabrication Department Mechanical Technicians Jeff Aldrich, Bhupinder Singh and Chris Brown installing the last undulator. Signatures from the team are just visible at the right. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

The Linac Coherent Light Source put a punctuation mark on recent progress Wednesday, July 22, as staff from SLAC's Mechanical Fabrication Department installed the last of the 33 undulator magnets that will be used to drive the LCLS X-ray beamline. Team members scribbled their signatures on the undulator shells to mark the occasion, the row of magnets stretching 433 feet along the length of the Undulator Hall.  The milestone highlights substantial progress this summer, which also saw the introduction of new diagnostic equipment and first X-rays into the Front End Enclosure.  Read more...

(Photo - bolts)

Wanted: Rogue Bolts

Have you seen one of these?

The SLAC Office of Assurance is on the lookout for stashes of bolts or parts bins, such as those shown here.

(Photo - revolving bolt bin)

Hidden in these bins may be high strength bolts that are not all they are purported to be; they are considered to be suspect or counterfeit items—S/CI—and can be easily identified by the markings on the bolt heads. Pictured above are a few S/CI Grade 5 bolts found recently at SLAC.

The Office of Assurance would like to find, isolate, and destroy these bolts so they can’t accidently be used in a situation where failure could cause an accident or injury. If you have a stash of bolts, new or used, please contact Ruth McDunn, who will help with identification.

Want to learn more about S/CI other than bolts? Visit the Office of Assurance S/CI Web site.

Word of the Week: Eclipse

(Plot - FGST solar battery voltage over time)
Voltage data from the solar-charged battery onboard the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope for the days prior to and including the July 22 solar eclipse. (Image: Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Collaboration.)

During Wednesday's total solar eclipse, the moon blacked out the sun from vantage points in India, Asia and the Pacific Ocean for as long as 6 minutes, 39 seconds. Of course, it also shadowed the intervening space, between the moon and Earth—including by chance a swath of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope's orbit.

The telescope passed through the eclipse at roughly 3:30 Universal Time (3:30 a.m. at zero longitude, or 8:30 p.m. PDT). The main power voltage to the Large Area Telescope took a dip as the sun's power-charging rays hid behind the moon. The eclipse created a downward spike in the LAT's regular cycle of increasing voltage as the battery charges in the sun, followed by a drop as the battery discharges during the telescope's brief night.


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