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Planning for Operations in the LCLS Era
People Today: Hanley Lee Appointed New DOE Deputy Site Office Manager
2nd Cryogenic Operations Workshop
Electrical Safety Tip: Safety Glasses and Face Shields

SLAC Today

Wednesday - May 3, 2006

(Image - Keith Hodgson & Persis Drell)

Planning for Operations
in the LCLS Era

by Persis Drell and Keith Hodgson

In the next few years, SLAC faces an exciting transition period. The Linac Coherent Light Source will come into operation and, with SPEAR3, the Photon Science Directorate will assume responsibility for operation of the major accelerator-based user facilities on the SLAC site.

In preparation for this transition, the DOE Office of Basic Energy Science has requested a justifiable, integrated funding plan for linac accelerator operations in 2009 and beyond. This plan will specify the resources needed for linac accelerator operations and program support, and must be ready for review by the DOE in early August. It has to be developed in context of the other operations activities (such as SPEAR3) since there are common needs for support resources. The intent is to ensure that our accelerator-based programs are clearly defined, adequately staffed, and funded for effective and safe operations.  Read more...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Hanley Lee Appointed New DOE Deputy Site Office Manager

(Photo - Hanley Lee) Hanley Lee, a veteran of the DOE office at SLAC, started April 17th as the Deputy Site Office Manager. Lee will work directly under Nancy Sanchez in overseeing all three site office divisions: environment, health and safety; programs and projects; and business.

"Hanley's professional performance and technical competencies put him in the top 5% of the 500 employees I have managed in my career," says Nancy Sanchez, DOE's Stanford site office manager. "His business acumen, tenacity, and good heart will make him a great Deputy. It is a privilege to promote him."

Lee has worked for DOE at SLAC since 1990. He has spent the last 10 years as the Federal Project Director within the site office.  Now, in his new role, Lee continues to oversee the Linac Coherent Light Source project. In this capacity, he will be busy establishing relations with the SLAC management group and DOE headquarters.

"I'm looking forward to meeting and working with new people at the lab and DOE headquarters as well as the demanding responsibilities of the new position," says Lee.

Second Cryogenic Operations Workshop

(Image - Cryogenics Workshop)

The 2nd Cryogenic Operations Workshop will be held at SLAC May 9 - 11, 2006. The Workshop provides a periodic forum for national laboratories to present and discuss current technological advancements, operability, and maintenance experience of large cryogenic plant facilities which support the physics research community.

This year's workshop will include speakers from more than seven different laboratories in the US, Europe and Asia. A half-day short course on cryogenic safety will also be presented. More information about the workshop and registration may be found online.

Electrical Safety Tip: Safety Glasses and
Face Shields

(Photo - Michelle Steger of SSRL)A common misconception at SLAC is that a face shield provides more protection than safety glasses. This is not exactly true.

A face shield cannot be substituted for safety glasses, which provide eye protection. A face shield is designed to protect the face from full impact and as protection for spraying, chipping, grinding and critical chemical hazards. But the curve of the face shield can direct particles or chemicals coming from the side into the eyes. Because safety glasses have a side barrier, they must be worn with a face shield.

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