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Upgrading PeopleSoft Financial Applications

Some key financial and procurement functions will be unavailable, or severely limited, starting on Thursday, May 11th at 5:00 p.m. due to a major version upgrade to the SLAC PeopleSoft Financials applications. Details, including key cutoff dates for Procurements and Financial transactions are provided here.

The main message to the SLAC Community is that everyone should plan ahead for this brief shutdown of services. The improved PeopleSoft system (Version 8.8) will be back up and running on May 17th. We will resume normal financial and procurement operations on the 17th.

The following points offer a quick overview of services that will remain in place during the upgrade:

  • Access to the financial data you typically get from SLAC's Business Information System (BIS) will still be accessible during this PeopleSoft financials shutdown—the data will be a "snapshot" of transactions as of May 11th, however.
  • A procedure is in place to handle emergency (paper) purchase requisitions during this shutdown period.
  • Central Stores will continue to issue stock as needed during the PeopleSoft shutdown. However, we would appreciate everyone obtaining needed Stores items prior to these dates whenever possible.
  • Chemical and gas ordering/deliveries will be unaffected by this PeopleSoft upgrade.
  • Blanket Order Releases (BOR's) will be processed normally during this shutdown time.
  • Emergency Special Payments will be possible, but will require special approvals.

If you have questions about this brief interruption of financial and procurement services, contact Doug Kreitz.