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Loop Road Reopens on Monday

(Photo - Speed Hump) Next Monday, employees arriving through SLAC's main gate will be greeted with an unfamiliar decision: left or right?

Monday marks the full reopening of Loop Road. With major changes to the volume of visitor traffic and pedestrian activity in the area, SLAC has installed more crosswalks and a speed hump on the Loop Road outside the Kavli Building and the Research Office Building (ROB).

Because the Kavli Institute has dual locations at Stanford and SLAC, the lab's newest building will be a meeting place for researchers from both locations. We also expect a significant increase in visitors from other institutions—many of whom will be unfamiliar with SLAC, our traffic patterns, and our hilly terrain.

Pedestrian safety is of particular concern in this area due to its proximity to SLAC's Main Gate. To ensure everyone's safety, new crosswalks have been added.

When driving in this area, everyone is expected to keep vehicle speeds at or below 25 mph. Please be particularly aware and considerate of pedestrians—even those who may not be using crosswalks.

To reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety, a speed hump has been installed to this section of Loop Road. Unlike the typical municipal "speed bump" often seen in parking lots, this new speed hump is rated for SLAC's posted speed limit of 25 mph.

Studies indicate that collisions have been reduced on average by 13% on streets where speed humps are installed. They are also likely to enhance pedestrian safety.

As Jonathan Dorfan recently commented, "Safety begins and ends with our individual behaviors.... Injuries and accidents are always preventable if we remain vigilant."

Please drive carefully and observe all posted signs and speed limits.

—Doug Kreitz
   SLAC Today, May 11, 2006