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Archimedes Palimpsest Media Coverage

What follows is a partial list of the Archimedes Palimpsest media coverage.
For a PDF of the full list, click here.

ABC News
Fox News
NBC News (text only)


"Se me ocurrió analizar con el sincrotrón la tinta del manuscrito de Arquímedes", María José Viñas, El Pais 

X-rays Reveal Archimedes Secrets, Jonathan Fildes, BBC News 
This story was the most popular story on the BBC site, on Thursday it was listed as the most popular story of the past five days – though only live for two days.

Eureka! Ancient Works by Archimedes Rediscovered, Geneviève Roberts, The Independent 

Eureka! X-ray Vision Helps Decipher Archimedes's Words of Wisdom, Roger Highfield, The Daily Telegraph 
This article was also published in the New York Sun.

X-Rays Illuminate Archimedes Writings, United Press International

Archimedes Brought to Light, Physics World

Reading Between the Lines, Smithsonian

13th Century Text Hides Words of Archimedes, LA Times

Decoding Archimedes Text, Dennis O’Brian, The Baltimore Sun

X-Rays Used To Read Hidden Ancient Text, Josephine Roque, All Headline News

Prayer Book Reveals Secrets, Ian Hoffman, San Mateo County Times 

Revealing Secrets of Archimedes, Lisa Krieger, San Jose Mercury News 
The article was the top feature on the Mercury News home page, the top story on the online News page and was the front cover story of the Peninsula section of the SJ Mercury’s print edition.

High Tech Tool Reveals Essays of Archimedes, Keay Davidson, SF Chronicle 

Archimedes' Secrets Revealed by Atom Smasher, Davide Castelvecchi, National Geographic Online 

Slashback: Archimedes Gets a Webcast, Slashdot 


SLAC Today, August 4, 2006