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Photo Gallery: EXO-200 Arrives at WIPP

The Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO), which left Stanford last month, has arrived in New Mexico and is currently being installed deep within the WIPP salt mine.

EXO is an underground observatory that will search for something never before seen: a neutrinoless double beta decay, which would prove that neutrinos are their own anti-particle, and will tell scientists more about the mass of these mysterious, nearly massless particles.

Recent Images:

Module 1 leaves Stanford in the early morning hours

Module 1 arrives at the WIPP facility in New Mexico; but the door does not want to open!

Module 1 makes it into the mine's high bay

Module 1 enters the conveyance that will take it underground

Module 1 underground

Module 1 travels underground on a monstrous forklift

A small last minute modification...

Module 1 delicately placed home

Module 1 on its hydraulic platform

Module 2 placed next to module 1

Photos courtesy of the EXO Collaboration