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SAFE2011: SLAC Team Ensures Safety of SPEAR3 Upgrade
New Photon Science Seminar Series Starts Wednesday
Radiological Work Control Process Goes Online

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Thursday - February 17, 2011

SAFE2011: SLAC Team Ensures Safety of SPEAR3 Upgrade

Alyssa Prinz, Xiaobiao Huang, Dave Wenger, Johannes Bauer, Carol Morris, John Schmerge, James Liu. (Photo by Brad Plummer. Poster by SLAC Information Management and Portal Solutions.)

Ensuring the safety of Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource users and staff has been a guiding principle in the ongoing effort to bring the SPEAR3 accelerator up to its design capacity of 500 milliamperes of current. This principle has never been more evident than during the shift to top-off injection last year. This operating mode permits the addition of electrons to the SPEAR3 storage ring while the X-ray beamline injection stoppers remain open—a radical change from past procedure.

"Before top-off, the injection stoppers had to be inserted for all injections," said James Liu, a radiation physicist with SLAC's Radiation Protection Department, which is charged with providing support and oversight for the radiological safety of accelerators, beamlines and experiments. The electrons circulating around the SPEAR3 storage ring, emitting the X-rays needed by SSRL users, require a periodic boost in the form of more electrons, which are "injected" into the ring. More-frequent injections support a higher beam current—more X-rays for user experiments.  Read more...

New Photon Science Seminar Series Starts Wednesday

X-ray, a custom inhabitant of the Particle Zoo, will attend next Wednesday's Photon Science Seminar Series... will you? (Photo by Shawne Workman.)

Next Wednesday afternoon, SLAC will launch a new photon science seminar series that brings together scientists from SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, and Photon Science and Accelerator directorates, including researchers from two joint SLAC-Stanford institutes: the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science and the Pulse Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science.

The series, which seeks to stimulate scientific exchange within SLAC's photon science community, will focus on recent results of photon science research at SLAC.  Read more...

Radiological Work Control Process Goes Online

Screen shot of the new system. (Image courtesy David Deatherage.)

Radiological work planning at SLAC took a quantum leap in efficiency in January thanks to a new automated system for approving work associated with equipment required for the radiological safety of accelerators. The new online system is the result of a year-long effort that included the Office of the Chief Information Officer Application Development group, the Accelerator Operations & Safety Division Maintenance Office, and Accelerator Directorate safety officers. Now, when shielding blocks need to be moved or when radiation protection safety hardware needs repair, technicians and safety officers can track and manage the projects with a click of the mouse.

"The new electronic Radiation Safety Work Control Form is a big step in the right direction," said Accelerator Directorate Safety Officer Zoe Van Hoover, one of the principal customers helping to get the new system up and running. "It allows everyone involved in the Work Planning and Control of work on radiation safety systems to monitor status and provide their work approval from any computer."  Read more...




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