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SLUO Meeting Covers Status of Physics Opportunities at SLAC
SuperCDMS Analysis Workshop Starts Today
Bubble Chamber on Display in SLAC Library

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Tuesday - September 7, 2010

SLUO Meeting Covers Status of Physics Opportunities at SLAC

More than 100 people attended this year's SLUO annual meeting, and many more joined in by phone. (Photo by Lauren Rugani.)

The SLAC Users Organization annual meeting took place last Tuesday in the Kavli auditorium, where more than 100 attendees listened to talks regarding the status of present and future physics opportunities at the laboratory.

SLAC Director Persis Drell opened the talks by reiterating the objectives of the lab and its mission to become a leading photon science institution. She hailed the early successes of the Linac Coherent Light Source, and looked ahead to the proposed next generation of light sources: LCLS-II and the reincarnation of the PEP tunnel as a powerful X-ray synchrotron light source, PEP-X. In the coming decade, the lab will focus on "increasing both the capability and capacity of the machines," Drell said.  Read more...

SuperCDMS Analysis Workshop Starts Today

SuperCDMS team members from SLAC at SNOLAB. Left to right: Jasmine Hasi, Rudy Resch, Dennis Wright, Anders W. Borgland, Daniel Brandt and Gary Godfrey. (Photo courtesy Jasmine Hasi.)

More than thirty members of the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search collaboration from 12 different institutions descend on SLAC today for four days of workshops meant to bring new team members up to speed on data analysis methods used in the project's search for dark matter. While researchers from the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology have been a part of the collaboration for several years, the SLAC team, led by Eduardo do Couto e Silva, officially joined the collaboration only last year.

The SLAC group is organizing the workshop in collaboration with the SuperCDMS group at Stanford University lead by Professor Blas Cabrera. Mornings will include informational talks, while afternoons will include hands-on training. Team members will also have ample opportunity for less formal discussions. "We're trying not to pack the agenda too much," said Anders Borgland, leader of the SLAC SuperCDMS Software and Computing group. He's reserved space for workshop attendees who "want to just talk."  Read more...

Bubble Chamber on Display in SLAC Library

Parts of the Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber are on display in the SLAC library. (Photo by Kelen Tuttle.)

The inner workings of the 15-inch Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber, built at SLAC by the Bubble Chamber Development Group and first used in 1973, is currently on display in the SLAC library. The first physics experiment done using the RCBC was the Purdue–Indiana University–SLAC–Vanderbilt collaboration BC-82, which was an effort to find doubly charged mesons by photographing particles as they passed through liquid prepared in a superheated state. The experiments were photographed in stereo using three cameras focused on the interaction region.

The bubble chamber was dismantled and parts of it eventually ended up at the library’s new offices. These pieces can now be seen in the lobby of Building 50 along with the rest of the RCBC display. The display is a constant work in progress because members of the SLAC community stop by and tell their stories about how it was created and used, offer copies of their original notes from the development process, and even donate pieces of film from some of the bubble chamber experiments conducted at SLAC. Drop by the SLAC library to share your own story, or view the RCBC and SLAC author displays while enjoying a cup of espresso.


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