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PULSE Celebrates New, Unified Office and Lab Space
Seen around SLAC: Chateau Neuf du PeP

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Wednesday - June 30, 2010

PULSE Celebrates New,
Unified Office and Lab Space

(Photo - Persis Drell addresses attendees at the PULSE ribbon cutting ceremony)
Persis Drell addresses attendees at the PULSE ribbon cutting ceremony. (Photo courtesy Dmitri Starodub.)

SLAC employees will be shifting offices and lab space over the next couple of years, as the lab begins a series of renovations and new construction. Among the first to move into newly-renovated space are members of the PULSE Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science, who celebrated their occupancy in Building 40A on Monday, June 28.

SLAC Director Persis Drell presented Phil Bucksbaum, PULSE Director, with the "key" to the new PULSE building at Monday's ribbon cutting ceremony.

"The transformation of this space to support our future is a truly wonderful thing," Drell said.

(Photo - Persis Drell and Phil Bucksbaum at the PULSE ribbon cutting ceremony)
Persis hands the "key" to the new PULSE space to Phil Bucksbaum, as Building Manager Janice Dabney stands by. (Photo by Lauren Rugani)

PULSE scientists and students were able to tour their new office and laboratory space and enjoy cake after the presentation.

"Together we have built a special environment of youthful energy, research excitement and science synergy that is the most exciting I have ever experienced, and that SLAC can celebrate," Bucksbaum said.

While thanking the people responsible for bringing this renovation to fruition, Drell and Bucksbaum also spoke about the excitement of having PULSE members together. More than fifty members of the institute, including staff, scientists, students and postdocs, are relocating into the PULSE building.

"Everyone is very excited about the co-location, which allows fruitful collaborations," said PULSE Deputy Director David Reis. "We are looking forward to the new scientific opportunities that are now enabled with our beautiful, state-of-the-art lab facilities."

Some of the PULSE lab and office space was completed last year, allowing a handful of staff members to move in. With the total completion of PULSE's new space in Building 40, the entire PULSE team will be together at last.

(Photo by Lauren Rugani.)

Seen around SLAC: Chateau Neuf du PeP

The old "Château Neuf du PeP" [sic] sign hung for decades on the porch of the old PEP City buildings. With the PEP City demolition slated for early next year, some staff members wanted to preserve this memento from the early days of the Positron Electron Project at SLAC. The weathered, wooden sign is now in the safe custody of the SLAC Archives and History Office. But the move is only temporary.

"We hope the sign can be displayed somewhere in the new Research Support Building," said SLAC accelerator physicist Nan Phinney. The RSB will be built on the old PEP City site over the next three years.

The sign was originally a nod to Châteauneuf du Pape, a favorite wine of the PEP City crew. When it is hung out once again, it will pay homage to the many personalities involved in the groundbreaking research conducted at PEP. And its literal translation, "new castle," can reflect the future as well, as SLAC staff in the new RSB embark on a new generation of science.


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