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SLACerMan Says: Take It Easy Around Loop Road!
Stanford Trustees Visit SLAC
100 Safe Days for PULSE Construction

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Tuesday - February 9, 2010

SLACerMan Says:
Take It Easy Around Loop Road!

(Image by SLAC InfoMedia Solutions.)

SLAC Vehicle Safety Month is continuing through February, having hit a few speed bumps with January's power outage and post-storm activity. And with construction along Loop Road, this week is an especially good time for added focus on safe driving on site. SLACerman is back and going strong, with the second of three videos about navigating SLAC's busy roadways: "Driving at SLAC."

The first video, "SLAC Main Gate," came out January 14. Keep your eye on SLAC Today for the third SLACerMan video later this month!

Stanford Trustees Visit SLAC

Jim Welch (left), who works in accelerator design at SLAC, explains the workings of the undulator magnets in the LCLS undulator hall. (Photo by Julie Karceski.)

On Sunday, members of Stanford University's Board of Trustees, both current and emeritus, saw a little slice of some pioneering science research. SLAC hosted the Sunday afternoon portion of the trustee's three-day annual meeting, with an address by SLAC Director Persis Drell and a brief site tour highlighting the Linac Coherent Light Source.

After hearing talks at the Kavli Building, more than 40 of the visitors boarded buses and headed over to the Linac Coherent Light Source for a tour, pausing to view the length of the 2-mile klystron gallery serving SLAC's linear accelerator. Escorted by SLAC physicists from various departments, the trustees walked from LCLS's undulator hall through to the Near Experimental Hall. The physicists on hand used posters to help the trustees visualize how the giant machine generates X-rays, and fielded questions that encompassed everything from cost to construction to quarks.

100 Safe Days for PULSE Construction

(Photo by Julie Karceski.)

Construction of new office and lab space for the PULSE Institute in Building 40, bustling along ahead of schedule, has now reached the landmark of 100 injury-free construction days. To celebrate, the construction workers enjoyed a complimentary lunch last week outside Building 40, provided by the project team and the general contractor. 

David Saenz, the project manager, commended his team glowingly on their quick pace and high regard for safety. He sees members of the construction team keeping an eye out for each other.

"These workers have learned to make safety a high priority," he said. "They almost do our jobs for us."

Saenz estimated that the PULSE expansion project, scheduled for completion in June, may actually wrap up early. This construction is an expansion of the existing PULSE labs and offices, which just moved to SLAC last June. Building 40 is evolving into a hub for photon science with this project and the addition of dedicated space for SIMES next year.

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