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High Fire Risk and New Smoking Policy
Native Tree to Replace Long-Dead Oak
Let's Really Celebrate Jonathan

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Monday - July 21, 2008

High Fire Risk and New Smoking Policy

Beginning today, smoking on-site will only be allowed in specifically designated smoking areas. (Click on image for a map of the full site.)

Due to Northern California's extreme fire danger this year, the SLAC Chief Safety Officer today issued a new policy requiring that anyone who smokes on SLAC property do so in specifically designated areas. The policy also requires anyone barbequing on SLAC property to first obtain a Hot Work Permit. This policy is effective immediately.

The designated smoking areas, a map of which can be seen here, all include fire-proof disposal containers; are at least 20 feet from readily combustible or flammable materials; are at least 20 feet away from any doorway, walkway, air intake or functional window; are not in a pathway that a non-smoker must use to enter a building; and include signage indicating a "Designated Smoking Area."

Ashtrays and receptacles in other areas are being removed, or if they could not be removed will be tagged out.

In addition, smoking is expressly prohibited along the Linac Roads, in any area near grasslands, and in SLAC or General Services Administration vehicles.  Read more...

Native Tree to Replace Long-Dead Oak

(Photo - Oak tree)
This Coastal Oak succumbed to Sudden Oak Death and is being removed today.

If a tree falls at SLAC, will anyone hear it? You will if you're near Building 40, where today Newcomb Tree Services will be removing a Coastal Oak that succumbed to Sudden Oak Death. Tomorrow, the company will grind down and remove the stump.

Bare stumps in other parts of campus testify to the rarity of removing a tree's roots. As Facilities Department Head Liam Robinson explained, "Although we typically wouldn't go through the expense of removing tree stumps—they naturally decay—this time we'll be planting a new one in the same spot." The introduction of a young Quercus lobata, or "Valley Oak," will occur on Wednesday, when the work turns over to Jensen Landscaping. Before insertion of the new tree, the group will have to excavate the remaining root system and dig a hole 36" deep to accommodate the incoming root box.  Read more...

Let's Really
Celebrate Jonathan

(Poster - Celebrate Jonathan)Let's Celebrate Jonathan!, the symposium in honor of Jonathan Dorfan's career and leadership of SLAC, takes place this Thursday, July 24, here at the laboratory.

All SLAC staff members are invited to a celebration on the SLAC Green starting at 2:45 p.m. There will be cake and ice cream for everyone, a chance for all of us to thank Jonathan for his friendship and years of service to our laboratory, and a round of talks celebrating his career and recollecting his involvement with the SLAC family.

Please plan to come! This event is for everyone at SLAC. Remember to make the necessary arrangements with your supervisor so you can stay for the whole event.

Learn more...


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