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The FY08 Budget and Its Impact on SLAC
Safety Today: SLAC Emergency Response Team Needs Volunteers
Establishing Performance Expectations

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Tuesday - January 8, 2008

The FY08 Budget and Its Impact on SLAC

(Photo - Persis Drell)

In yesterday's All Hands Meeting, Persis Drell outlined how SLAC will respond to the FY08 budget. Video of the talk is available online as is the PowerPoint presentation. Persis' speech follows.

"This laboratory ended 2007 with a commitment to face our future as one lab. There are difficulties ahead. The purpose of this All Hands meeting is to update you on the FY2008 budget for SLAC. The House and Senate have passed an omnibus appropriations bill which the President has signed. This bill includes a budget for the Department of Energy Office of Science that is challenging all of the laboratories in the DOE complex. We have spent much of the winter break in discussion with DOE Office of Science on what would be the impacts at SLAC. I am now able to share with you what I know about our FY08 allocated budget and its impacts on the laboratory program and staffing.

"Let me start by reminding you what happened with last year's budget—the budget for the fiscal year that ended on Sept 30, 2007. The President's request for FY2007 included a significant increase for the Office of Science (~$500M) in recognition of the importance of basic research to the energy and economic security of our nation. Under a variety of names—the 'American Competitiveness Initiative' or the 'Innovation Agenda'—there was bipartisan support for increasing the budgets for the physical sciences in general and DOE Office of Science in particular. However, despite all the optimism, what actually happened in FY2007 was that we had a 6-month continuing resolution and when a budget was eventually passed, the increases for the DOE Office of Science were less than half of what was requested.

"A similar story has unfortunately now played out for the FY2008 budget. The President's request for FY2008 contained a very significant increase for the DOE Office of Science (~$600M) and there was bipartisan support in both House and Senate. However, an impasse between the White House and the Congress over funding for the Iraq war and overall spending levels led to a continuing resolution for the first 3 months of the new fiscal year (October–December 2007). When the final omnibus budget bill was finally passed into law two weeks ago, it contained only a very small increase to the DOE Office of Science for FY2008."  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

SLAC Emergency Response Team
Needs Volunteers

Bob Reek addresses SERT members after a SERT training drill last April, which was conducted in conjunction with a county-wide fire department tunnel rescue exercise.

The chance of a major earthquake somewhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in the next 30 years is now estimated to be greater than 70%. Immediately following such a devastating event, professional assistance will be shorthanded and trained volunteers will be essential to help SLAC manage the immediate aftermath.

SLAC has formed its own Emergency Response Team, known by its acronym, SERT. Its members are trained and drilled in first aid, triage, light search and rescue, and other emergency tasks that will be essential following a severe earthquake on the peninsula. This is SERT's second year under a new training program, and we are seeking a second shift of volunteers to go through SERT training and become certificated as a member of the team. The target size for this year's session is 25–30 additional volunteers. Since SERT training activities occur during work hours, supervisor support is required for team membership.

Classes begin the last week of January. For more information, go to the ES&H Training website and review the information for Class #305, SERT. The SERT program is managed by SLAC Emergency Management Coordinator Lance Lougee with the active participation of SLAC Fire Marshal Ralph Kerwin.

Establishing Performance Expectations

On Thursday, January 10, SLAC welcomes back Mike Staver as the facilitator for the Certificate in Supervision class Establishing Performance Expectations. All new supervisors who have joined SLAC within the last two years are required to take this course, as are those currently enrolled in the Certificate in Supervision program.

The class is designed to increase participants' effectiveness in establishing individual expectations for performance and standards for appropriate conduct in a respectful workplace. Participants will learn step-by-step processes to create more efficiency in the workplace and to give employees the fullest opportunity to succeed in their jobs.

The class will take place in the Redwood Rooms on January 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If you would like to attend, please contact Charlotte Carlson at x2265.


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