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The LCLS Injector Installation: Planning for Success Leads to Success
People Today: Lab Machinist Goes from SLAC to Hack
SLAC Memorial Service to Honor Pief Panofsky
Energy Tip of the Week

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Thursday - September 27, 2007

LCLS Injector Installation:
Planning for Success Leads to Success

When it comes to ensuring the safety and success of complex projects such as the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) injector installation, thorough planning before the project even starts can make all the difference. This month, SAFE07 focuses on how exceptional preplanning and communication have made the LCLS injector project a benchmark of safety success at SLAC.

The LCLS injector installation at Sector 20 was by any measure a complicated undertaking. To begin with, the original above-ground structure had to be removed, and a new building erected to house the LCLS drive laser. Thirty feet below, an existing vault required considerable reworking to accommodate the injector gun and hardware.

Led by project manager Bob Law, this initial phase of the injector installation set the stage for the successes to come. By the time the injector facility was ready for installation to begin, planning had long been underway to orchestrate the myriad overlapping tasks that would follow.  Read more...

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Lab Machinist Goes
from SLAC to Hack

The Hacks

When SLAC Machinist Peter Franco pulls out his ear plugs and leaves the machine shop, he relaxes at home by making even more noise. But instead of grinding metal, the sounds are of heavy metal. For over twenty years Franco has played bass guitar in various bands, occasionally opening for big name headliners including Reba Macintyre and Huey Lewis and the News. When his band, The Mother Truckers, moved to Austin, Texas, Franco started playing with a new band called The Hacks.

The Hacks, a punk/grunge band, has found some success and plays regularly in San Francisco clubs. The group consists entirely of professional stand-up comics, except for Franco, who keeps his stage ambitions in the musical arena. The group has been together for two years and released its first album—Life Sucks, the Hacks Rock—several months ago.

"We just threw the band together for fun and found some popularity," said Franco. "We've kept going with it and are doing really well."

To listen to Franco play, check out the MySpace page of The Hacks.  You can also see the band live on Friday, September 28, at Annie's Social Club in downtown San Francisco.

SLAC Memorial Service to Honor Pief Panofsky

No matter how much is written about Pief Panofsky, words alone cannot capture his unique combination of humanity, intelligence and integrity. Anyone who spent even the shortest period of time with him knows that they interacted with a truly great scientist and a remarkable human being.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 28, there will be a special event to mark Pief Panofsky's exceptional life. The one-hour event will take place at 11:45 a.m. on the green.

Dick Taylor, Jonathan Dorfan—who will read a message from Burton Richter—Greg Loew, Martin Perl, Donald Kennedy and Sid Drell will talk on different facets of Pief's contributions to science and civilization.

There will also be a musical interlude—the slow movement from Mozart's piano concerto K.482—and one minute of silence.

Each one of us at SLAC has a reason to thank Pief; please take this opportunity to show your respect for this remarkable man.


Energy Tip of the Week

When available, close window blinds to shade your rooms from direct sunlight. Reduced solar heat gain results in reduced cooling load on building air conditioning equipment.

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