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CALL TO ACTION! Help symmetry Magazine Compile a Physics Life List
Dorfan Today: Taking Ownership of Change
CEF Adds New Priority Code to Service Request System
Bike to Work Day Returns to SLAC
Safety Firsts

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Monday - May 14, 2007

Help symmetry Magazine Compile a Physics Life List

(Photo - physics labs)

Bird watchers have life lists of sightings. We think fans of particle physics need a checklist of their own, full of not-to-be missed places, experiences, and artifacts: Fermilab's newborn baby buffalo; America's longest building, at SLAC; the six places in the bowels of the Large Hadron Collider where you can stand with one foot in Switzerland and the other in France; a hand-held prototype of the first cyclotron built by E.O. Lawrence, on display at Berkeley Lab. If Einstein's wig or Newton's false teeth existed, we'd throw them in, too.

And so we announce the particle physics life list, which will appear in an upcoming issue of symmetry. You probably have some secret gems of your own to add. Send us your entries for consideration to with subject line "Life List." Contributors will be acknowledged in an upcoming issue of symmetry.

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

Taking Ownership
of Change

We are living through an information revolution, which has an important impact on how scientists disseminate their work, and gain access to their colleagues' research. A wealth of information is now available on the internet but we lack the organizational structures to access it efficiently. Real thought and discussion are needed so we can take ownership of these developments and make the necessary changes to facilitate the way we work.

In High Energy Physics, and increasingly in other fields of science, researchers are forming larger and larger collaborations and are collecting huge data sets with very long legacies. This science is almost all publicly funded research and we owe it to the taxpayers to work out the most efficient way to share and recover information.

This is why I was delighted that the SLAC Library took the initiative to organize The Information Resource Summit held at SLAC on Thursday and Friday of last week. This meeting brought together many information providers from particle and particle astrophysics to explore how we can work together to develop the next generation of information-discovery and communication systems that scientists will need over the next ten years. The international group focused on how science is changing and what new communication systems are needed. Participants shared information about a host of technical details, their users, and the services they offer. Most importantly, they agreed to develop a collaborative structure and a concrete set of tasks to establish a permanent partnership. This agreement to set up a collaboration between labs, publishers and other information providers is a first in High Energy Physics and is potentially a model that can be taken up by other fields of science.  Read more...

New Priority Code Added to CEF's
Service Request System

The Conventional and Experimental Facilities (CEF) Service Request System is used to request engineering, project management, operations, maintenance and physics support to buildings, facilities and experiments at SLAC. In order to improve scheduling and provide prompt and honest feedback to those who submit requests, CEF has added a work priority code to the Service Request System. Read more...

Bike to Work Day Returns to SLAC

(Image - Bike to Work Day) Time to oil your chain and pump air into your tires. Thursday, May 17 is Bike to Work Day throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Cyclists can stop at SLAC's Energizer station on Sand Hill Road, just downhill from the lab's main gate, for refreshments and appreciation.

Devoted cyclist Rick Challman from the Business Services Division and his crew of pedal-powered volunteers will welcome all cyclists from 6:30 to 9 a.m. on Thursday. "We get a lot of bike commuters using Sand Hill Road. Join us on Thursday," he said.

Participants can register at an Energizer Station or online to enter a raffle. By registering, you pledge to bike at least once this week for work, school, errands or play. Find other Energizer station locations here.

Safety Firsts

If you are a black belt and into breaking bricks and boards with your hand, or excel at g Tum-mo meditation, there is something fundamental that you need to do that is widely unappreciated. We need to use the same technique to develop a "culture of safety." The most concise and sparse description of this, surprisingly, came out of a Hollywood movie, maybe the only truly useful thing that locale has produced.

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