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SAFE '07 Success Story: Plating Shop Supervisor Ali Farvid
Mike Hughes to Receive Service Award Today
It's Pief Panofsky's 88th Birthday!
New! Order Lands' End Lab Logo Items Online
Safety Seconds

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Tuesday - April 17, 2007

SAFE '07 Success Story: Ali Farvid's Plating Shop

(Poster - Safe 07)

SLAC's plating shop is a high-hazard area, with multi-gallon tanks of acid, bases, heavy metals, and even cyanide-rich liquids. Yet the shop has not had a single reportable safety incident since record keeping began.

A large part of this safety success is due to the diligence of Plating Shop Manager Ali Farvid. His hands-on style becomes immediately clear to a visitor as he pauses outside the shop's double doors to carefully discuss a list of potential hazards inside. After ensuring that the visitor understands the dangers, he checks to make sure that the he or she wears the proper Personal Protective Equipment.

Inside the shop, Farvid uses all his senses to check for potential dangers. As he walks along the rows of chemical baths, he checks that no harmful vapors are being released and observes the technique of his staff. It's clear that he engages shop employees in safety, making sure his staff knows it is supported and actively listening to concerns.

"We take care of one another," he says. "When someone is working, someone else is always watching them to make sure they're doing it as safely as possible. Anytime we have a concern, we stop to address it immediately."

Communication is particularly important in the plating shop. All employees attend a regular safety meeting, and shop employees talk about safety almost every day.  Read more...

Mike Hughes to Receive Service Award Today

Don't forget! Mike Hughes will receive the President's Call to Service Award from Acting Under Secretary of Energy Dennis Spurgeon today at 12:30 p.m. in the Kavli Auditorium. Come cheer Mike on!

New! Order Lands' End Lab Logo Items Online

(Photo - Lands End items)
Click on image for larger version.

Beginning this week, anyone can order SLAC and Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) logo items directly from Lands' End Business Outfitters. This eliminates the need for the Friends of the Linear Accelerator to hold its annual Lands' End logowear sale each November. Everything will be available year-round.

You can order your choice of hundreds of catalog logo items from Lands' End simply by logging in online.

Additionally, many in-stock SLAC and LCLS logo items are available in the Stanford Guest House Gift Shop, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

With all these choices, spring 2007 will be a time for the best-dressed SLACers to step out in style!

It's Pief Panofsky's
88th Birthday!

SLAC Founder and Director Emeritus Wolfgang K.H. "Pief" Panofsky will be 88 years young on April 24th.

Everyone is warmly invited to a birthday recital and truffle party to celebrate Pief's birthday on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, at 2:00 p.m. in the Kavli Auditorium. Jonathan Dorfan will host the event and the St. Lawrence String Quartet will perform a repertoire especially selected for Pief.

Please join us afterward for truffles on the Kavli patio, and wish Pief many more happy returns.

You can also send your greetings via a birthday card web forum created for the occasion.

Safety Seconds

For the post-Challenger shuttle flights, NASA's new logic was:
Q. Did the foam come off?
A. Yes.
Q. Did the shuttle blow-up?
A. No. OK, we're good to go.

The loss of seven astronauts was not sufficient to force NASA to change its logic. And of course Columbia was destroyed by foam damage, killing seven more astronauts. Hopefully all of us will recognize when we need to change our behavior in the interest of safety without needing such a catastrophic reminder.

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