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Environmental Restoration Succeeding at SLAC
Director's Column: Continuing Resolution Update
Pumping Fe at the SLAC Gym

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Monday - January 22, 2007

Environmental Restoration Succeeding at SLAC

The recently restored primary Interaction Region 6 drainage channel, shown here, carries storm water that eventually flows to San Francisco Bay.

Under the oaks and winter green grass at SLAC, the earth is mostly bedrock. The groundwater moves slowly through this solid foundation. Thanks to the Environmental Restoration Group at SLAC, the groundwater is flowing cleaner, too.

Part of the ES&H division, the group conducts cleanup activities to restore and manage areas that have been impacted by historic releases of chemicals. The work is funded by the DOE's Office of Environmental Management.

In one case, the groundwater beneath the paint shop area of Building 35 contains about 40 types of chemicals which leaked from a former tank that held spent paint solvents. At the time, placement in an underground tank was the accepted storage method. Read more...

(Director's Column)

"What is the news on the continuing resolution?" This is a question on all our minds and, as I said in my earlier article on this important topic, I want to make sure that you are all informed of developments as best we can understand them and in as timely a manner as possible.

We have not been standing still. Persis and I flew to Washington last week to explain the impact that a continuing resolution that maintained funding at the FY2006 level would have at SLAC. It was an informative trip. Although the negotiation of the exact details of the continuing resolution is still ongoing, we feel that there is optimism in Washington that some accommodation for the DOE Office of Science may be possible beyond a strictly "flat" budget from FY2006. We should know soon. News could come as early as next week and will certainly come by February 15 when the current continuing resolution is set to expire.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and as things develop further, keep you informed. We will work hard to get through the remainder of FY2007 with as little long term impact on the lab's staff and programs as possible. We are currently planning an All Hands meeting in February to talk about the state of SLAC and our programs once details are known. Thank you all for your patience as we go through this period of uncertainty.

Pumping Fe at
the SLAC Gym

(Image - SLAC Gym)

SLAC's little-known gym in Building 34 is available to employees for a nominal fee.

For 12 years, Bob Todaro has gone faithfully to the SLAC gym, tucked in the far corner of Building 34. Todaro—who is one of 73 members of SLAC's tiny athletic hideaway—exercises after work to avoid rush-hour traffic.

"It's a good way to relax," he said. "When I get home after a quick workout, I feel refreshed instead of stressed from the commute. It helps me sleep better."

When Todaro, now Head of the Purchasing Department, first started working at SLAC, he traveled to Stanford's facilities for his after-work sweat. He found the whole ordeal—drive, change, exercise, shower, change—stole two hours from his day. After Stanford slapped him with a parking ticket, he took his business to the SLAC gym.

Because it's on the SLAC site and is underutilized during after-work hours, the gym is easy and accessible for Todaro to use. The gym is equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical machine, free weights and weight machines, as well as showers and lockers.

Anyone at SLAC can join for a $25 yearly fee. For membership information, contact Diane Jenkins (x2215).

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