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All Hands Message: Organizational Changes in Director's Office
SPIRES Cataloger's Work Goes High-Tech
Loop Road Closure to Continue Through Mid-April
SLAC's Ewan Paterson Selected as ILC GDE Integration Scientist

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Friday - March 31, 2006

(Image - Jonathan Dorfan)
     Jonathan Dorfan

Organizational Changes in Director's Office

I wish to bring to your attention several organizational changes in the Director's Office.

In order to assure SLAC has an effective system of oversight for our business, security, and Integrated Safety and Environmental Management (ISEM) Systems, we have established the SLAC Office of Assurance with Robin Wendt as Interim Director. This office will be responsible for seeing that systems designed to assure that we are meeting the commitments in our system descriptions and complying with regulatory and contractual standards are in place and operating effectively. In developing this office, Robin brings with him over 35 years of ES&H management and leadership experience in addition to his ongoing work connected with SLAC's Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) reviews. Prior to his recent retirement, Robin served as Acting Director of EH&S at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and as Head of Environmental Permits and Regulatory Affairs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. During his term as Interim Director, Robin will lead the candidate search for the first Director of this office.

Coincidentally, we are implementing a major restructuring of the administrative support for the Director's Office. Read more...

SPIRES Cataloger's Work Goes High-Tech

SPIRES cataloger Luba Kornienko displays the five pencils she used over the past five years.

At a gathering to celebrate her fifth year as a SPIRES cataloger at SLAC, Luba Kornienko showed off a handful of pencils.

Sitting at her desk in the library, Kornienko uses a single pencil each year to mark up manuscripts for the SPIRES database. The tradition began on her first anniversary at SLAC, when she discovered that she had used the same pencil to add notations, page numbers, report numbers, journal titles, collaboration notes, experiment codes and the names of PDF files to manuscripts for a full year. It was then that she decided to continue the tradition, using one pencil all year until there is nothing left but a tiny wooden nub.

"By the end of the year, it's not comfortable to write with," she said. "But tradition is important."

Kornienko now has a collection of five pencils for her five years at SLAC—four tiny ones and a long yellow one.

The longest one is from 2005, when a lot of her work became computerized. Kornienko enjoys the contrast to previous years. "The other pencils are half the size of this one," she said. "From now on, I think I will have one pencil for every two years."

Loop Road to Remain Closed Through April

Due to the continuing rains this past month, work at the Kavli Building and grounds has been delayed. As a result, the closure of the Loop Road near the front gate will likely continue through mid-April. Everyone involved in this last phase of the Kavli construction thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Safety Update: Remember to Spring Forward on Sunday

Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. Please remember to reset any safety systems clocks, timers, and software that is not automatically reset by advancing the time one hour ahead early Sunday morning.

SLAC's Ewan Paterson Selected as ILC GDE Integration Scientist

(Photo - Paterson)In last week's ILC NewsLine Director's Column , Barry Barish announced Ewan Paterson as the International Linear Collider (ILC) Global Design Effort's Integration Scientist.  Paterson previously served as Director of SLAC's Technical Division. Barish's column is reprinted below.

At the Global Design Effort (GDE) meeting in Frascati last December, we approved the ILC Baseline and announced a new organizational structure for developing a Reference Design and Cost. In my short talk during the closeout discussion session, I reflected on what I considered some important remaining problems that would not be addressed by the new organizational structure. Read more...

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