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Milestone Submission Guidelines  (Milestones Archives | Submission Form)


Any current or retired SLAC employee, visitor, contractor, or user may submit a milestone article with one photo for consideration by the SLAC Today editors. In the case of an "in memoriam" article, submission may be by a family member of the deceased. Articles must be about someone associated with SLAC.


The article’s subject matter should be a milestone event (retirement, marriage, birth, etc.) that has occurred within the last six months, or about a person who has passed.


The article should be no longer than 300 words.


One photo may be submitted electronically to

Submission Process

Please use the Web form to submit the article. If you do not have web access, contact SLAC Today to make submission arrangements. You will hear about your submission within 5 working days after submission.


  1. Milestone articles will remain on the SLAC Milestones index page for one month. Thereafter, it will be stored in the Milestones Archives. 
  2. The Milestones website is part of the SLAC Today homepage and is managed by SLAC Today staff as the content approver.

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