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April Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Jonathan M. Dorfan PPA Directorate Office    35
Terry J. Anderson Office of the CIO    25
John R. Arthur LCLS XFO Administration    25
Thomas V. Nguyen AOS SPEAR3 Operations    20
Cecilio Vazquez AE Klystron Administration    20
Jean M. Deken TIS Archives    15
Andrew B. Hanushevsky PPA Sci Computing Apps    15
Rodney J. Pak SSRL BLO Develop and Supp    15
Jeff R. Robert AE MFD Precision Assembly    15
Anthony F. Sanchez FAC Mechanical Utilities    15
John N. Galayda AD Strategic Projects Adm    10
Michael Hogaboom Office of the CIO    10
Nicholas W. Horton AE MFD Precision Assembly    10
Rob Paul AE MED Design    10
Mark Rickard AE Klystron EE and Testing    10
Clifton H. Whitton FAC Equip and Crane Maint    10
Mark Arndt PPA Elec & SW Eng     5
Tony Beukers AE PCD Power Electronics Engr     5
Jeffrey S. Ludvik PPA Elec & SW Eng     5
Christopher R. Melton AOS MCC Operations     5
Gregory M. Stewart Office of the CIO     5

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