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October Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
John A. Jaros Linear Collider Detector    35
John A. Hodgson PPA Mechanical Engineer    25
Michael B. Hug ES&H Environment Protection    20
Xiaotian Mao ES&H Radiation Protection    20
Andrew D. Ringwall SSRL BLO Develop and Support    15
Christopher Hall KIPAC Administration Dept    10
Grzegorz M. Madejski FGST Physics    10
Anders R. Nilsson SUNCAT Admin    10
Sebastien Boutet LCLS SRD X-Ray Science     5
Traci Kawakami PPA Directorate Admin     5
Ralph R. Kerwin Risk Mgmt and Response     5
Olga M. Ligeti ES&H Radiation Protection     5
Sean Sink Office of the CIO     5
Stephen A. Tether PPA Elec & SW Eng     5
Stephanie Leigh Weitzenkamp Office of the CIO     5

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