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September Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Clifford J. Blanchette AOS MCC Operations    30
Leonard J. Moss Office of the CIO    30
Athikorn Pienpicharn AE MFD Fabrication    25
Rafe H. Schindler LSST    25
Walter H. Tompkins LCLS Exp Facilities Science    25
Craig J. Butler FAC Instrumentation    20
Michelle J. Smith FAC Business and Admin Svs    20
Vinod Kumar Bharadwaj ARD Administration    15
Joseph D. Christy ES&H Radiation Protection    15
Patricia L. Prickett AE PCD Engr Svc - Gen Svc    15
Jesus Berber AE Klystron Manufacturing    10
Axel Brachmann AD LCLS PCT Injector/Laser    10
Tom T. Dao SSRL Beam Line Electronics    10
David J. Wenger SSRL BLO Develop and Supp    10
Wei Yang Office of the CIO    10
Arno E. Candel ARD Beam Physics - ACD     5
Yee-Ting Li Office of the CIO     5
Murat Kerimbaev ES&H Radiation Protection     5
Alireza Alan Miahnahri LCLS Laser Science     5
Stephen Norum AE Controls Electronics Engr     5
Eric Kiang Tse AOS MCC EOIC     5

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