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August Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Neal V. Adams Office of the CIO    35
James J. Sebek SPEAR3 PCT Technology    25
Arnold E. Vlieks AE Klystron EE and Testing    25
Brian K. Choi SSRL BLO Operations Support    20
Ronald G. Johnson AE Controls Electronics Engr    15
Michael K. Sullivan ARD Accelerator Design    15
Gloria Azevedo OCFO Procurement Adm    10
Michael F. Hughes FAC Carpentry    10
James G. Knopf AE Controls SW Engineering    10
Walter N. Leclerc III IPM    10
Douglas A. Smith PPA Sci Computing Apps    10
Eric Charles FGST ISOC     5
Yuantao Ding ARD BP - Collective Effects     5
Robert Ian Law FAC Engineering & Construct     5
Roger Glenn Morris KIPAC Computing Dept     5
Kenneth V. Rubino FAC Ops and Maint     5

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