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April Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Toni S. Campos Human Resources    25
Eric Lind Bong AE MED Engineers    20
Alan S. Fisher ARD Diagnostics    20
Teresa M. Juarez Human Resources    20
Gregory R. White AE Controls SW Engineering    20
Derrick E. Britt AE MED Design    15
Gabriel L. Diaz FAC Electrical    10
Kausalya Ganapathi AE MED CAD    10
J. Richard Gonzales AE MED Design    10
John C. Healy FAC Electrical    10
Tsuneyoshi Kamae FGST Physics    10
Christopher Mayfield Office of the CIO    10
Kristina T. Turner AE Controls Safety System    10
Douglas Van Campen SSRL BLO Develop and Supp    10
Michael D. Cook FAC High Volt     5
Aaron Jensen AE Klystron EE and Testing     5
Nathan Lipkowitz AOS MCC EOIC     5

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